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Jonny Miller - Mastering The Beat


Legendary DJ, Electronic Music Artist, Digital Label Manager, and Music Production Tutor Jonny Miller breaks down the recent spat between Deadmau5 and Madonna over controversial comments about the popular club drug MDMA, what it was like to DJ to over 1000 people at a London rave at age 15, how the glamourous life of an International DJ is very hard work, the do’s and don’ts of making money in the music business today, and his lifelong obsession and collection of the beautifully artistic and now extinct rave flyer.


“Deadmau5 and Madonna both know how to use their name to create a bit of controversy.” – Jonny (03:55)

“He was unheard of before then and Madonna put it out and he got his big break.” – Nic (05:23)

“I think sometimes with artists there’s a little bit of magic.” – Jonny (06:22)

“I’ve always said to my students, there comes a point where you make a choice about getting serious with your music.” – Jonny (07:37)

“I was in Rio for like 24 hours.” – Jonny (14:42)

“I want to know how good Brian was a DJing?” – Nic (15:27)

“What is the right mix of drugs and clubs in your opinion?” – Brian (20:00)

“Notting Hill Carnival kinda wom wom wom wom wom.” – Brian (22:58)

“You just know that’s the tune you have to play next.” – Jonny (27:04)

“I just have to hit he space bar really, but that’s just Deadmau5.” – Brian (30:15)

“You can’t do it from your bedroom, you have to go out to the clubs and meet people.” – Jonny (36:20)

“I see some many parallels with this and what we’re trying to do with the podcast.” – Brian (42:55)

“We have students from all over the world.” – Jonny (49:10)

“You know what interests me about Jonny is he’s so Zen.” – NIc (50:50)

“Flyers oh don’t get me started, how long do we have?” – Jonny (51:08)

“I’ve got 10s of thousands of these things in books and I buy and sell flyers on eBay.” – Jonny (51:58)

“We’re starting to sound like old men, ‘Back in my day we had posters.'” – Brian (53:03)
“Next time I’m going to have to ask about DJ groupies.” – Nic (58:15


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