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Jamie Bartlett - Radicals


Jamie Bartlett is a journalist, author and television presenter whose last book “The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld” introduced us to the disturbing corners of the dark web. There he became friends with trolls, hackers, drug dealers, pornographers, political extremists, crypto-anarchists and vigilantes.

In his second London Real appearance, Jamie joins host Brian Rose in the studio to talk about his new book, “Radicals”, which takes us into the minds of people who dare to be different… the innovators, disruptors, idealists and extremists whose secretive and influential movements include techno-futurists questing for immortality, far-right groups looking to close borders, militant environmentalists, autonomous cooperatives, and psychedelic pioneers.

Jamie Bartlett’s journey began in the field of journalism, where he honed his skills as an investigative reporter with a keen eye for uncovering the hidden facets of the digital world. His journalistic endeavours often took him to the fringes of the internet, providing readers with a fascinating glimpse into the subcultures and communities that exist in the shadows.

“The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld” (2014) marked Bartlett’s debut as a published author. In this groundbreaking work, he skillfully navigates the complexities of the hidden online world, shedding light on the activities, motivations, and individuals that populate the digital underworld. The book, hailed for its depth and insight, solidified Bartlett’s reputation as an expert on the intersection of technology and society.

Bartlett’s subsequent works further showcase his ability to explore thought-provoking themes at the intersection of technology, politics, and culture. “Radicals: Outsiders Changing the World” (2017) takes readers on a journey into the lives of individuals challenging societal norms and effecting change from the margins. Through engaging narratives, Bartlett introduces readers to unconventional thinkers and doers who are reshaping the world in unexpected ways.

As technology continues to advance, Jamie Bartlett has emerged as a prominent tech ethicist and advocate for responsible innovation. His work delves into the ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence, online extremism, and the broader societal impacts of technological progress. Bartlett urges society to grapple with the ethical dimensions of digital transformation, emphasising the importance of a thoughtful and considerate approach to technological innovation.

Jamie Bartlett’s multidimensional career reflects a deep commitment to demystifying the complexities of the digital era. From his early days as an investigative journalist to his current role as a leading tech ethicist, he has consistently provided valuable insights into the societal implications of technology. As we navigate the uncharted territories of the digital frontier, Jamie Bartlett’s work serves as a guiding light, encouraging us to approach technological progress with curiosity, critical thinking, and a profound understanding of its far-reaching consequences.


00:00 | Trailer
01:49 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:37 Brian’s introduction
05:29 Book about politics aims not to be boring, stimulating thought on stories behind people on net
09:44 Media, public and government reaction to UK terrorist attacks
18:40 Terrorist and Donald Trump’s use of a social media which is making us less analytical
26:51 Radical movements in the future will include militant environmentalists
35:37 “All progress depends on the unreasonable man
“42:14 Jamie’s background helps him gain trust of radical groups to understand their purpose
45:24 Psychedelic is the big secret, people just don’t want to talk about it
1:00:38 Crypto anarchists, is Bitcoin the tool of liberation and freedom they think it is
1:08:31 Jamie has changed his view on the future proofing of privacy
1:14:31 Radical love
Sex is a central part of what motivates people to do things
1:24:03 The trouble with a radical is they can be too closed minded and dogmatic
1:25:51 Listen to radical groups with some respect to be a society which is open to new ideas
1:36:04 An ordinary person can, with hard work and perseverance, make something of themselves
1:39:51 Self-censorship: are we too afraid to speak out on what we really believe
1:44:36 Success secrets
1:45:07 Personal challenge in making a BBC documentary
1:50:42 Jamie’s surprise habit and the feelings it engenders
1:54:55 Phone call to the 20 year old Jamie Bartlett
1:56:31 Best advice ever received
1:59:49 Advice to 20 year old watching who may belong to a radical group wanting to effect change
2:02:21 Brian’s summing up.


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