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James Dawson - Grape Juice King

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Wine entrepreneur & connoisseur James Dawson talks drinking Grape Juice on your own terms, how he landed in London 10yrs ago with only with £50, and why fatherhood has been the most difficult and most rewarding thing of his life.


“Why are you mad at UBS? Why aren’t you mad at BP?” – Brian (04:03)

“You can’t be from South Africa – you’re not black!.” – James (17:45)

“The centre of the universe – like America thinks they are now…” – James (20:07)

“the British have binge-drinking to the next level.” – Nic (21:06)

“I’m not really convinced by the whole ‘natural wine movement'” – James (31:24)

“I was just thinking about male relationships and how strange they are.” -Brian (49:00)
“I have an axe that’s so sharp I could circumcise a gnat.” – Nic (1:00:26)


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