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Heidi Locher - Hotel Kalifornia


Artist and Architect Heidi Locher drops by the studio to discuss her recent exhibition “Hotel Kalifornia”, how she loves the immersive process of creating art, why Damien Hirst deserves credit for his decomposing cow’s head, and why you should grasp everything, follow your dream, and believe in yourself.


“It’s a really immersive process which is why I completely love it.” – Heidi (10:47)

“I was in an open top car in L.A., Sunset Strip, and the radio played The Eagles ‘Hotel Califormia’.” – Heidi (11:01)

“Strange things happens in hotel rooms, everything happens in hotel rooms.” – Heidi (16:27)

“Everybody has an inner landscape.” – Heidi (18:25)

“I really don’t like the arrogance that surrounds the art world.” – Heidi (22:08)

“These are a bunch of ideas, does it have resonance? Think beyond your every day.” – Heidi (38:32)

“I see Damien Hirst put a bunch of diamonds on a skull and see marketing genius.” – Brian (39:48)

“You didn’t have that idea and that’s what artists do.” – Heidi (42:55)

“Heidi were you a fashion model for Christian Dior?” – Brian (49:27)

“Fashion is very clever at picking up themes from fine artists.” – Heidi (53:30)

“Grasp everything, follow your dream, and try to believe in yourself.” – Heidi (1:02:30)
“The world gives you what you need sometimes and not what you want.” – Heidi (1:02:50


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