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Watch > Episode > Governor Jesse Ventura - Freedom Fighter: Why Two Party Politics Must End

Governor Jesse Ventura - Freedom Fighter: Why Two Party Politics Must End


38th Governor of Minnesota & Former Pro Wrestler

Today’s show is set to be a biggie and one that I am personally very excited about. You see, today’s guest is someone I’ve long pushed to get on the show, but he’s an incredibly hard man to pin down and for good reason – holding legendary status tends to make you a very popular person!

Yes, it’s my pleasure to welcome none other than Governor Jesse Ventura to the London Real hot seat. Jesse is a retired former professional wrestler, actor, author and politician who became something of a freedom fighter and a highly respected outspoken voice of the people.

Jesse has led an incredible life, one that has seen him go from a musclebound wrestling icon to a serious political heavyweight and is bookmarked by a consistent determination to take on new challenges, while continuously speaking out wherever a lack of justice and respect for the people surfaces.

Early adulthood saw Jesse spend six years in the US Navy after graduating from BUD/S in 1970. During his years of service, Jesse was a member of Underwater Demolition Team 12 and was sent to Vietnam during the war, before being honourably discharged in 1975.

Jesse’s wrestling career started shortly after, where his stage name ‘The Body’ fit perfectly with his sculpted physique. Taking on the role of the heel, his bad boy antics and quick wit, made him an incredibly popular figure and a move to the WWF soon materialised.

Jesse became a headline act fighting in world championship matchups with Hulk Hogan before partnering Macho Man Randy Savage in tag team events. As his stock rose, Jesse’s career was cut down after blood clots in his lungs curtailed his ability to compete.

Jesse quickly found a new role in the organisation and became part of the commentary team, where his entertaining and unique approach went down a storm with fans and maintained Jesse’s presence and popularity.

It wasn’t long before Hollywood came calling and alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse starred in two of the biggest action films of the 80s – Predator and The Running Man.

More roles quickly followed, but Jesse had already earmarked his next big move. Politics was a calling for Jesse, and his extremely passionate belief system, desire to do right and hunger for the truth, meant there was an inevitability about this latest transition.

From 1991 to 1995, Jesse served as Mayor of Brooklyn Park, before winning the 1998 election to become the Governor of Minnesota as a Reform Party nominee. His victory was unexpected, as he went head to head with the Republican and Democratic candidates.

“I’m a warrior at heart; I’m an ex-Navy Seal. I’m too old to wage war anymore, and so now I wage it mentally. And so I find politics very stimulating; it’s war without guns.”

It was an incredible achievement, but one he didn’t take for granted. As Governor, he spearheaded several important initiatives, most notably a sales tax rebate where Minnesotans received a tax-free cheque in the post, throughout his four-year tenure.

As Governor Ventura he was also instrumental in decreasing class sizes through education funding while increasing affordable housing opportunities, and alongside this he campaigned hard for gay and abortion rights.

Jesse chose not to run for a second term but had established himself as a man of principle who would not take a backwards step in his pursuit of truth and fairness.

Today, Jesse uses those exact traits in continuing to fight what he has long believed is an unjust system. For Jesse, two party politics is destroying democracy and allowing big corporations and wealthy individuals to influence election outcomes, something he is passionate about changing.

Jesse has also fought long and hard to bring about the legalisation of medical marijuana thanks to the life-changing impact it has had on his wife, who was suffering from terrible seizures that mainstream medicine was unable to address.

Many have suggested a run for Presidency could be on the cards for Governor Jesse Ventura and given his incredible career to date, who would bet against it?

Jesse is an incredibly passionate man who has fit more into his 70-plus years than most could achieve in multiple lifetimes. He spent time in the “South Bay” chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club in San Diego, worked as a bodyguard for The Rolling Stones and spent time with Fidel Castro in Cuba.

There’s so much to talk about and I’m really looking forward to this one, so be sure to tune in and share the link with anyone who needs a bit of straight talking in their life, because when Governor Ventura speaks, people listen.

“I speak my mind. If it offends some people, well, there’s not much I can do about that. But I’m going to be honest. I’m going to continue to speak my mind, and that’s who I am.”

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  1. The United States is completed divided right now
  2. The U.S. is a two-party dictatorship
  3. Old enough to go to war but not old enough to smoke a joint
  4. Brits are the reason America has the 2nd Amendment
  5. I’m as anti-war as you can get today
  6. Why I’ve never been in a bar fight
  7. Jesse Ventura on Covid and masks
  8. Without wrestling I could never have been Governor
  9. I was a 6 foot, 250 pound killer
  10. Filming Predator took me back to Vietnam
  11. I’d be assassinated if I became President
  12. Meeting Fidel Castro
  13. We should give peace a chance


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