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Watch > Episode > Gaurav Dubey - Decentralisation Is Our Biggest Weapon Against All Paradigms of Control

Gaurav Dubey - Decentralisation Is Our Biggest Weapon Against All Paradigms of Control


Founder & CEO of TDeFi

“Ideas lose, people don’t – That’s the core philosophy of TDeFi.”

Today we welcome a man who is on a mission to inspire and elevate entrepreneurs and thought leaders from every corner of the globe.

Gaurav Dubey is a serial investor and marketing expert with a rich background in the blockchain and crypto space, who wants to help ensure the innovators whose ideas have the power to change the world, don’t fall foul of the the various regulations or common pitfalls ready to swallow up the inexperienced and underprepared.

Gaurav is the Founder & CEO of TDeFi, a crypto Incubator and advisory firm that manages an impressive portfolio of over 60 projects. His journey in the blockchain realm began in 2015, encompassing early investing, mining, quant deployments, and overseeing a 20-person trading desk.

Gaurav has invested in over 200 token startups and holds eight technology patents spanning AI, VR, behaviour analysis, and blockchain and with such a wealth of knowledge and experience he hopes to guide blockchain startups through the myriad of challenges they face, through his extensive network of mentors, vendors, service partners, and investors.

Like so many of the really successful entrepreneurs that I come across, Gaurav started early, making money repairing electronics in his homeland of India at the tender age of 12. He went on to become a telecom engineer at India’s biggest firm of its kind, Reliance.

In the years since passed, Gaurav has started, built up, advised and invested in so many companies, it’s a wonder he’s found the time to become one of the most sought out speakers at the biggest Web3 events on the circuit.

For all his years of service, Gaurav seems to have found his home in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain, where despite the wealth of ideas, applications and foresight, there remains a lack of understanding when it comes to what Gaurav describes as the “simple financial phenomenons and instruments from the traditional financial world that could elevate the quality of a company drastically.

Gaurav sees TDeFi’s role as an ‘Incubator of the Future,’ fostering projects in DeFi, NFT, gaming, and crypto. Their services cover key verticals such as regulations and compliance, ideation and mentorship, token advisory and growth management.

In addressing industry challenges, Gaurav highlights the importance of understanding tokens as publicly traded assets. He wants to solve the issues faced by entrepreneurs with excellent products but who struggle with token representation.

To that end, Gaurav’s insights into market making, liquidity, and strategies for organic growth provide valuable guidance for emerging projects.

I’m really fascinated by this idea that so many companies are falling by the wayside despite developing groundbreaking concepts with real world utility.

Gaurav is far younger than his résumé would suggest and despite all he’s achieved, that ambition, hunger and thirst for greater success remains unabated. This should be a lively discussion, with key insights, particularly for those starting out on their investment journey.

“Beginning with an idea or a spark of intuition, some innovations have the potential to change the shape of the world. Decentralised Finance is undoubtedly one of those ideas!”

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  1. Success isn’t magic, it’s sweat and strategy
  2. TDeFi – The culmination of our journey
  3. Beyond the idea – TDeFi’s investment in people
  4. DeFi – The backbone of tomorrow’s businesses
  5. Great founders aren’t obvious – Look for potential
  6. My honest opinion on the state of the crypto market
  7. Why I fear a massive economic collapse
  8. Tokenisation – The new equity revolution
  9. Why crypto matters – A fix for our broken system
  10. The 3 factors traders ignore and why charts fail
  11. India rising – Why it’s the next global powerhouse
  12. From chaos to bliss – My meditation journey in India
  13. How to change your life with meditation
  14. Blissful ignorance – Most people don’t know it exists
  15. Crypto revolution – Redefining value


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