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Watch > Episode > Eric Pulier - Game-Changing Metaverse & AI: Why The Worlds's Biggest Brands Are Choosing Vatom For Web3

Eric Pulier - Game-Changing Metaverse & AI: Why The Worlds's Biggest Brands Are Choosing Vatom For Web3


Founder of Vatom

Here at London Real alongside a plethora of projects that include teaching hundreds of students at a time in my Academy and interviewing some of the biggest names on the planet from the world of politics, sport, health and wellness, philosophy and science, we also find time to invest in cutting-edge, digital asset ecosystem protocols through our investment arm, London Real Ventures.

In doing so we search out the hottest, game-changing projects in the Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse spaces. This brings me into direct contact with some of the smartest and most talented individuals in the world of technology and entertainment.

And today’s guest is one of those people. Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, technologist, author, columnist, public speaker, philanthropist, and founder of over fifteen companies. One of those companies is the pioneering metaverse platform, Vatom, realised after Eric saw the opportunity for a new world of human interaction and empowerment made possible by NFTs.

As CEO & Founder, Eric and his team are working tirelessly to provide everyone access to the Vatom Metaverse Platform so creators and brands can develop unlimited creative and financial opportunities.

As a lifelong student of technology and business, Eric has driven over a billion dollars of liquidity for investors of ventures he has founded or co-founded and achieved a wide variety of positive outcomes, including acquisitions, IPOs, ICOs, and mergers.

From a young age in grade school Eric was programming games, and the idea of community and enhancing experiences struck a chord that has remained with him ever since. With any new project Eric undertakes he asks himself one question – how will this help people? Today that involves making Web3 tools accessible to everyone – not just developers and tech enthusiasts.

Eric has always believed in the power of the internet to improve how we engage with one another, and in recent years the implications of blockchain and how Web3 technologies can enhance our society and lives has become clearer.

“I contend that Web3 could fulfil the original promise of the internet, which has the potential to deliver unprecedented economic and creative freedom for billions of people.”

Eric and his team at Vatom are focused on helping brands transform their relationships with their customers by enabling direct connections. Eric says the result is that traditional mass marketing will become increasingly outdated as businesses earn the attention and loyalty of the customer in innovative, new ways.

Vatom are now working with some of the world’s largest brands, who are using the platform to extend their audience engagement, as well as their traditional marketing and loyalty programs into Web3.

And, as Eric suggests, companies are finally understanding that Web3 enables so much more than niche-audience virtual experiences or speculative collecting.

“Many brands are shifting their traditional advertising budgets to this new channel because they see a higher return on investment and a more loyal customer.”

Eric feels the countless solutions on the market today share the same challenge – they are disconnected, difficult to use, and are mostly designed to trap you in a closed system of tokens and land. Eric believes that Vatom is changing that landscape by offering a simple to use, open, plug-in architecture that can enable anyone to create their own place in the Metaverse.

Eric’s record of success is undeniable and he’s a man on a mission. He’s an incredibly passionate, determined and experienced individual who is helping to revolutise the Metaverse, and what they’ve got planned will change the game. I can’t wait to take a deep dive on Vatom, and find out why some of the world’s biggest brands are choosing Vatom for their Web3 ventures.


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  1. How the metaverse is revolutionising human connection
  2. Do you really need a VR headset to join the metaverse?
  3. We need to evolve from Web2 to a people-centric web
  4. Identity will be a key player in Web3
  5. Why traditional digital marketing is dead, and what’s next
  6. Building timeless moments with blockchain technology
  7. Frito-Lay teams up with Vatom to unleash immersive fun and exclusive rewards
  8. The unique power of virtual objects
  9. The advantage of Web3 is the seamless integration of multiple companies working together
  10. Vatom dissolves the boundaries between physical and digital worlds
  11. Unlocking the potential of the metaverse
  12. How will artificial intelligence shape and influence the metaverse?
  13. Will A.I. have a role in unleashing creative freedom?
  14. The unavoidable reality of how A.I. will shape our society
  15. The movement that is redefining what it means to be human
  16. A new era unfolds in the investment landscape


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