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Brad Waldron - The Corporate Athlete


Thought leader, corporate athlete, and change agent Brad Waldron joins us to discuss how he helps businesses solve problems and succeed, why proponents of NLP can get caught up in the emperor’s new clothes, what he learned from the “Father of the Coaching Industry” Anthony Robbins, how martial arts prepared him for the business world, and how a truly successful business not only delivers a product but also delivers happiness.


“There’s three things businesses want: they want to provide a great employee experience, a great customer experience, and deliver great numbers. But one of those will deliver the other two.” – Brad (05:12)

“He gets up there for 3 hours and talks about how you’re going to walk across 20 or 30 feet of hot coals with your bare feet.” – Brian (12:00)

“Tony Robbins has a strong presence, full stop.” – Nic (16:17)

“Brad came fourth and the guy that came first was Jet Li.” – Nic (17:28)

“In rugby, the guys that hit you the worst are the Americans.” -Brad (23:51)

“One of the reasons I settled here was because I was becoming too much of a New Yorker.” – Brad (30:05)

“As a kid growing up it’s not who you are but what have you done, how hard are you prepared to work.” – Brian (33:22)

“It’s not about delivering shoes it’s about delivering happiness.” – Brad (41:26)

“There’s a big cognitive dissonance, I actually feel guilty sometimes.” – Nic (47:56)
“People take other drugs to escape themselves, you take ayahuasca to go into yourself.” – Brian (53:10


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