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Ben Pratt - Your Diet Is Killing You


Ben Pratt, author of the book “Nutrition’s Playground” talks to London Real about the Paleo diet, why he advocates consuming unpasteurised dairy products, how sugar and flour should be avoided, and why Brian should stop drinking beverages with artificial sweeteners.


If you say to someone one day ‘Eat a better diet’, do you think they’re just going to make one change? – Ben (02:23″The Paleo diet is really popular.” – Brian (06:01″Apparently saturated fat is one of the most important components of your diet.” – Nic (09:25″The other thing that is never discussed is the type of saturated fat.” – Ben (13:11″The more of a process its been through the less of a nutritional value I believe it to have.” – Nic (15:27″‘I make all my own cakes’, OK very good but you’re still filling them with sugar and flour.” -Ben (16:09″The Olympics are taking place in London and the two largest sponsors are McDonalds and Coca-Cola.” – Nic (20:49″How do you eat in a way that helps your children be healthy but doesn’t estrange them from all of their peers.” – Ben (29:34″Local food is good to support the local economy but that doesn’t naturally mean it’s better quality.” – Ben (36:23″‘Why are you eating it?’ ‘Because Joe Rogan does it.'” – Brian & Ben (41:35)


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