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Ayahausca – Back from the Dead


Brian Rose & Nic Gabriel talk about the fear, anxiety, anticipation, and excitement of their first Ayahuasca retreat in the UK and how they felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually before, during, and directly after ingesting the “Plant Teacher.” They detail the logistics of the actual ceremony and describe the sensations felt hour-by-hour as the medicine traversed their bodies and conclude with individual life lessons drawn from the experience.


That was a wild and strange ride. – Brian (00:45)”I was the one pushing you to do it, and when we got in I was the one who freaked out.” – Nic (00:57)”Even if you had told me 2 days ago what was actually going to happen in that room for six hours, I mean seriously there was some crazy stuff.” – Brian (03:18)”Nic & I went on Monday evening to an Ayahuasca retreat in the UK.” – Brian (03:27)”I was disappointed but I was too freaked out to say.” – Nic (05:20)”Then she sang for 5 hours straight.” – Brian (06:56)”You sit in the dark for 45 minutes and you’re not allowed to purge.” – Nic (10:12)”The nausea is part of the process, part of the healing, I can’t help it.” – Brian (14:05)”A lot of what happened to me is beyond words.” – Nic (19:11)”I just kept thinking yeah, everyone is my family, everyone.” – Brian (25:11)”I’m doing everything I can to not cry now.” – Nic (32:30)”Part of me wanted to grab her in the neck. It was like fire in my eyes.” – Brian (39:47)”She started sucking this negative energy out.” – Nic (44:45)”The whole ceremony and the whole process and the whole idea of Ayahuasca is such a positive thing.” – Brian (48:45)”I’m going to do Ayahuasca again, are you coming with me?” – Nic (58:31)”I hate to say it but I got it. Ayahuasca really flipped a switch in me.” – Brian (1:05:11)


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