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Andy Mcloughlin - Co-founder of Huddle


Andy McLoughlin has been a fixture of the Silicon Roundabout since the early days of 2006 when Huddle began it’s steady rise providing comprehensive tools for managing projects and files in the cloud now used by over 100,000 organisations worldwide including the UK and US Governments and corporates from Diageo to Disney.

Now an Englishman in California, Andy has a unique perspective of what it’s like to take an English startup and scale it globally with over $40million of funding and holding the roles of CTO, Head of Product, Head of Marketing and now EVP of Strategy.  As rumours of his competitors’ IPOs flourish he’s quick to keep his own company’s vision in perspective.

Andy is also an active angel investor in companies like Postmates, Buffer, Secret Escapes, and Pipedrive among many others and stays very involved in the London technology startup community.

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It’s fantastic to include this truly bi-coastal success story into our archive!

compiled by @zander-bylund.


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