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Alexander Ward - The Chosen One


Visual art creative Alexander Ward joins us to discuss the film he produced and directed “Tierra Vida – An Ayahuasca Journey”, how he spent years working in the gaming industry but no longer feels satisfied creating for “little plastic toys”, why Ayahuasca is only something to try if you are willing to accept a large amount of change in your life, how smoking DMT brought him immediately back to his Ayahuasca experience, and his plans to walk the earth and spread his positive message.


“You articulated so many things that I couldn’t about the experience.” – Brian (02:15)

“Things seem almost hyperreal, you’re seeing things not through your perception of how you think but really how they actually are.” – Alex (04:12)

“How did you make this film and why?” – Brian (05:20)

“It took me and a group of others six months to make 4 minutes of animation.” – Alex (06:11)

“Two years ago if I was sitting here you wouldn’t be able to get a single work out of me. I always hid behind my artwork.” – Alex (07:10)

“What I really wanted deep down was to connect with people. – Alex (07:43)

“How are you connecting with people? Is it through the video?” – Nic (07:53)

“I got this posh accent due to Ayahuasca.” – Alex (08:03)

“Myself along with Simon Powell went to the Lake District where psilocybin mushroom grows everywhere.” Alex (09:01)

“How was that first experience?” – Brian (09:56)

“The psychedelic experience really brings you into the Now moment.” Alex (10:07)

“That feeling of having all those inconsequential worries shed from your being did that carry over?” – Nic (10:44)

“It’s amazing how many little chips on our shoulders we pick up here and there.” – Alex (10:57)

“From your time spent in the jungle with these people, do they seem happier than us in the West?” – Nic (11:39)

“Their way of communicating with God is to look within themselves.” – Alex (12:27)

“It is with a direct experience of this that is truly liberating.” – Alex (14:04)

“It seems some way like a long time ago and a short time ago. – Brian (15:41)

“Oh my God this really actually happened this is all really real and I had a mini breakdown in the kitchen of this Ayahuasca retreat.” – Alex (16:42)

“He spent 60 days and nights drinking Ayahuasca every single night in this treehouse.” – Alex (18:17)

“Suddenly this Shaman keeled over in pain and said, ‘That bugger he’s attacked me.'” – Alex (22:34)

“Did you feel your creative abilities were augmented by your Ayahuasca experience?” – Nic (24:14)

“Oh this whole world’s not just about me and my ego.” – Brian (26:21)

“The Ayahuasca will really break that down, in quite a terrifying way as well.” – Alex (26:30)

“You could be the most amazing accountant and you’ll still receive less praise than the most mediocre of artists.” – Alex (27:03)

I think most people that have the Ayahuasca experience do have the realisation that wow I am God, I’m the chosen one.” (29:04)

“I call her the hardest working girl in Showbiz.” – Brian (32:27)

“I just had this image of Brian as a shaman in the ceremony, ‘What? You’re worried about your relationship with your mother? Man the fuck up!'” – Nic (32:43)

“How many ceremonies have you done? I’ve done about 20 in total.” – Brian & Alex (34:18)

“How long did this smoking DMT experience last?” – Brian (37:22)

“3 minutes when you’re in deep.” – Alex (37:30)

“One of our fans and critics Simon Robinson who is eternally making fun of us.” – Brian (44:12)
“What the Ayahuasca has given me also most of all is just to go with the flow of things” – Alex (46:30)


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