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Watch > Episode > Alex Kjerulf - Happiness Expert: Transforming Workplaces with Happiness

Alex Kjerulf - Happiness Expert: Transforming Workplaces with Happiness


In the realm of workplace happiness and employee engagement, few voices resonate as powerfully as that of Alex Kjerulf. A Danish author, speaker, and happiness at work expert, Kjerulf has dedicated his career to reshaping traditional notions of work and advocating for environments that prioritise employee well-being. This episode explores the life, work, and transformative insights of Alex Kjerulf, shedding light on the impact he has made in fostering positive workplace cultures.

Born in 1971 in Denmark, Alex Kjerulf’s journey into the realm of workplace happiness began with a deep-seated curiosity about human psychology and behaviour. He pursued studies in computer science and psychology, laying the foundation for a unique blend of technical expertise and a profound understanding of human dynamics, an essential combination in today’s complex work environments.

Kjerulf’s passion for workplace happiness stems from the belief that a happy workforce is not just beneficial for employees but is also a driving force behind a company’s success. He firmly advocates for a shift in organisational cultures, where happiness is not merely seen as a byproduct of success but as a catalyst for it.

One of the most significant contributions Alex Kjerulf has made to the field is through his books. His acclaimed works, including “Happy Hour is 9 to 5” and “The Happy Manifesto,” distil years of research and practical experience into actionable insights. In these writings, Kjerulf challenges conventional wisdom, urging leaders and employees alike to reconsider their perspectives on work, success, and fulfilment.

Key Concepts:At the core of Kjerulf’s philosophy is the idea that happiness at work is not a frivolous pursuit but a strategic imperative. He emphasises the importance of positive relationships, a sense of purpose, and a supportive work environment in achieving this goal. Kjerulf encourages leaders to prioritise employee well-being and create conditions that allow individuals to thrive both professionally and personally.

Alex Kjerulf’s influence extends far beyond his native Denmark. As a sought-after speaker, he has shared his insights with audiences around the world, including at major conferences, corporate events, and workshops. His engaging and thought-provoking presentations have inspired leaders and employees to reconsider their approach to work, leading to positive changes in numerous organisations.

Kjerulf’s advocacy for workplace happiness becomes even more relevant during challenging times. Whether navigating economic uncertainties, global pandemics, or other crises, he underscores the resilience and adaptability that a happy and engaged workforce brings to an organisation. In times of adversity, Kjerulf’s principles offer a roadmap for maintaining employee morale and productivity.

Alex Kjerulf stands as a beacon in the evolving landscape of workplace dynamics, challenging the status quo and championing happiness as a cornerstone of organisational success. Through his writing, speeches, and advocacy, he continues to inspire leaders, HR professionals, and employees to reimagine work environments, one where happiness is not just a goal but a driving force that propels individuals and organisations toward sustained success.


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