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Afrika Bambaataa - Godfather of Hip Hop


Afrika Bambaataa is the Godfather of Hip Hop and Creator of the Universal Zulu Nation… What do you think of music in London?

Why look at Europe in 1980s? Hip Hop Movement in France, and UK?

Getting people to understand what we were doing scratching records.

Encouraging people to rap in French. Why encourage people to use their own language?

Journey of Kevin Donovan as a young boy to Afrika Bambaataa to the creation of Zulu Nation. History of Hip Hop.

Movement in the 1960s where there is a real serious political movement in the 1960s – civil rights and human rights. Jefferson syndrome.

Punk scene.

What made you want to embrace Punk and Hip Hop.

One nation under the groove.

I was a pushy person to go and do what I had to do.

Ice T mentions Afrika Bambaataa. The state of Hip Hop.

Hip hop apartheid. Claiming to be Hip Hop and RnB – where’s your breakbeats, go-go, Miami base, hip house…

Why people turning now into Internet Radio.

Language. Entomology. Bless is a german word for blood sacrifice.

Wining a trip to Africa through Unicef and how this lead to the Universal Zulu Nation. Trip to Nigeria, and Europe.

Bringing great music of Nigeria. Fela Ransome Kuti – Bus Stop dance.

Collaboration with James Brown. There would be no Hip Hop without James Brown. King of Soul. What effect he had on music.

Music before Sly and music after Sly. Sly and the Family Stone.

How did you get inspired to dress.

How did it became the Zulu Nation.

How the music evolved.

Crates of vinyl. How big was your records collection at that time?

Cornell University is backing up your entire collection.

Are you OK with vinyl and digital or strict digital.

What brings you to London? What keeps you motivated to perform and keep touring the world?

Trips to Asia.

Planet Rock in 1982. Electrofunk.

Voice synthesization – where did that came from?

White boy in San Diego school.

Phone call to the 20 year old Afrika Bambaataa.

Best advice ever received.

Advice to the 20 year old.

Experience working with Cornell University.

How does Afrika Bambaataa relax?

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"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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