<span class="episode-title">LiveArt</span> <span class="title-dash">-</span> The Global Web3 Platform For Art And Culture Established By A Team Of Art Market Veterans And Tech Innovators

LiveArt, a unique player in both the physical and digital art sectors, presents an enticing investment opportunity bolstered by a compelling value proposition, seasoned leadership, and robust internal operations and strategy. With minimal competition in the fine art market trading, LiveArt’s product is not only built and running but also boasts an attractive valuation and […]

<span class="episode-title">Dan Tapiero</span> <span class="title-dash">-</span> 1RT Fund - $1 Billion Growth Equity Fund Focused On Investing In Mid-To-Late Stage Digital Asset Ecosystem (DAE) Companies

1RT Summary Deck 10T Holdings, the crypto investment firm helmed by hedge fund titan Dan Tapiero since early 2021, won’t do any further fundraising as his attention turns to new crypto private equity venture 1RoundTable (1RT) Partners. “10T has three funds and there will not be any more new 10T funds,” Tapiero said in an […]

<span class="episode-title">Zarqa AI </span> <span class="title-dash">-</span> A Neural-Symbolic Large Language Model From SingularityNET At Massive Scale

Zarqa is a Neural-Symbolic Large Language Model (NS-LLM), a hybrid artificial intelligence system that combines the strengths of both neural networks and symbolic reasoning. Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT are based on neural networks and excel at pattern recognition, natural language understanding, and generation. However, they are limited in their ability to perform logical […]