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Life Beyond - The Metaverse Where Fiction Becomes Reality and Opportunity Abounds

We at Darewise are excited to present to you Life Beyond – a groundbreaking project that is set to revolutionize the way we think about gaming and digital experiences.

Life Beyond is not just another game; it’s a new country, a digital destination, a fictional world where users can role-play their lives with real stakes. Our platform provides a fully immersive and customizable digital experience that allows users to explore different aspects of life and society in a fun and engaging way.

Through Life Beyond, users can simulate various real-life scenarios, such as running a business or farming a land, without the need for physical resources or the risks associated with real-world experimentation. What sets us apart from other games is that while all of these actions may seem like gameplay and take place in a fiction, they are very much real, as are their outcomes.

Moreover, users can also develop and hone a variety of skills, from leadership and problem-solving to creative thinking and teamwork, within the context of a fully-realized fictional world, similar to popular franchises like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. This means that users can become fully immersed in the story and lore of Life Beyond and participate in a wide range of activities that make them feel like they’re living in a different reality.

We believe that Life Beyond has tremendous potential for growth and innovation. The market for immersive digital experiences is growing rapidly, and we aim to become a leader in this space.

We are seeking investment from potential strategic partners to bring additional value to the Life Beyond ecosystem beyond what we are already receiving from Animoca Brands.

We invite you to join us on this journey towards the future of digital experiences.

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