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LiveArt - The Global Web3 Platform For Art And Culture Established By A Team Of Art Market Veterans And Tech Innovators



LiveArt, a unique player in both the physical and digital art sectors, presents an enticing investment opportunity bolstered by a compelling value proposition, seasoned leadership, and robust internal operations and strategy. With minimal competition in the fine art market trading, LiveArt’s product is not only built and running but also boasts an attractive valuation and a credible cap table. The current $5M Convertible Note round is optimally aligned to facilitate growth over the next 18 months. It is strategically tied to potential revenue streams such as their coin offering, the $ART token.
The $ART token holds considerable promise for platform users due to its diverse utility, unique membership benefits, and potential for broader application. While not guaranteeing a listing, the backing of leading crypto exchanges aligns their interests with LiveArt, potentially enhancing the token’s performance and LiveArt’s overall success.

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