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James Layfield - CEO of Central Working


James Layfield is the punchy CEO behind Central Working which strives to provides the ideal environment for growing businesses in Bloomsbury, Shoreditch, Campus (Google) & Whitechapel.

He’s the first to tell you Central Working is NOT a co-working space but rather an environment that encourages business to collaborate an interact with each other in order to build real world synergies.  And I believe him!!  They plan every detail down to number of electrical sockets and the custom made furniture in order to encourage businesses to scale and grow in a way they could never accomplish in any other space.

The proof is in the pudding.  Barclays and Techstars have recently located their “Escalator” accelerator project in the Whitechapel branch alongside Microsoft Ventures among others as they work to put this edgy East London neighbourhood on the map for Tech Startups.

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People like James with big personalities and passions make me confident that London will continue to push the edge and bring the best to our technology startup scene.

compiled by @zander-bylund.


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