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Brian Davis - The True Geordie


Brian Davis, AKA the True Geordie, is a 30 year old Englishman from Newcastle who shot to fame in 2013 with a football video rant, that went viral. Since then he has become massive on YouTube, uploading regular videos about football, MMA, and popular culture, as well as creating the True Geordie Podcast with your co-host Lawrence McKenna featuring amazing guests


00:00 | Trailer
01:56 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:22 Brian’s introduction
04:57 A long-time listener to London Real and a fan of Dorian Yates
05:48 Who is the True Geordie and what is his podcast
08:34 Footballers should respect the fans more
09:28 What Newcastle United football team means to its fans
11:12 Football has lost its soul
13:21 Football hooliganism past and present
14:33 The difference between the north and south of England
16:59 Who watches Brian Davis’ videos
17:48 A huge fan of footballer Alan Shearer
19:12 Brian growing up, unable to conform, now proving the naysayers wrong
24:55 Absent father affected Brian’s life
26:28 Why Brian is conscious of his responsibility to his young followers
28:35 Rolling the dice from teenage years to late twenties
36:15 The hard times, living precariously, searching for his why
40:52 The life changing moment
41:24 Starting to do regular videos using an iPhone, learning to be a good YouTuber
45:13 The YouTube game
47:45 Brian’s views on fellow YouTubers
53:42 How Brian deals with the haters and the fans
55:39 Moving into long form content with Laurence McKenna
1:01:52 The connection created through a podcast
1:07:05 How Brian wants to develop his podcasts
1:08:37 Brian’s admiration for Joe Rogan
1:10:10 Success secrets
1:10:55 Would business and financial success change Brian’s identity
1:14:41 Why Brian identifies with people like Conor McGregor
1:16:03 Ethical considerations when choosing a sponsor
1:18:03 Why Brian thinks he needs more money to make his videos
1:19:42 Where Brian sees himself in five years hence
1:21:26 Advice to people who want to get into putting videos on YouTube
1:23:00 Effect on Brian of Google YouTube’s recent changes to demonization and advertising policy
1:29:20 Brian’s mentor
1:30:45 What scares Brian
1:31:27 Who Brian thinks of successful
1:32:46 What would we be surprised to learn about The True Geordie
1:34:02 What has Brian changed his mind about recently
1:37:42 Is it just about the money Brian
1:40:57 Phone call to the 20 year old Brian Davis
1:43:34 Best advice ever received
1:44:43 Phone call to the young person who wants some self-esteem and to give value to the world
1:46:06 Can we all do what we love
1:48:07 Do not become a victim of life
1:50:39 The battle of people’s attention span
1:52:51 Brian Rose summing up.


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