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Brian Davis - From Football Fan To Online Content Creator


Brian Davis, better known by his online persona True Geordie, has transcended the realm of football fandom to become a prominent figure in online commentary and entertainment. From sharing his passion for football to hosting engaging interviews and offering unfiltered perspectives on sports, culture, and life, True Geordie has carved out a unique space in the digital landscape. This interview from 2017 explores his journey, as Brian Davis and Brian Rose sit down to examine the evolution of True Geordie from a football enthusiast to an influential online personality.

True Geordie’s story begins in Newcastle, where Brian Davis developed a deep love for football, particularly for his hometown club, Newcastle United. His passion for the game was palpable, and he quickly gained recognition within the football community for his authentic and spirited expressions of fandom. True Geordie became a voice for Newcastle United supporters, sharing the highs and lows of being a dedicated football fan.

In 2013, Brian Davis launched the True Geordie YouTube channel, initially focusing on football-related content. What started as a platform for expressing his views on matches and football news evolved into something more significant. True Geordie’s honest, unfiltered commentary resonated with viewers, attracting a diverse audience beyond football enthusiasts. The channel’s popularity soared, and True Geordie began to explore a broader range of topics.

A pivotal moment in True Geordie’s career was the launch of the True Geordie Podcast. The podcast format allowed Brian Davis to delve into in-depth conversations with a variety of guests, ranging from fellow YouTubers and influencers to athletes, musicians, and celebrities. True Geordie’s candid and relaxed interviewing style brought out genuine and revealing discussions, capturing the attention of a global audience.

True Geordie distinguished himself through his unfiltered perspectives on various subjects. Whether discussing football, current affairs, or personal experiences, Brian Davis embraced open conversations that resonated with authenticity. True Geordie’s ability to tackle controversial topics with nuance and humour contributed to the podcast’s widespread appeal and positioned him as a voice of the digital generation.

Beyond the entertainment factor, True Geordie’s impact lies in his ability to connect with audiences on a personal level. Brian Davis’s journey reflects the potential for individuals to leverage online platforms to share their passions, opinions, and stories authentically. True Geordie’s success serves as an inspiration for content creators seeking to navigate the digital landscape with genuine and relatable content.

True Geordie’s success on YouTube and in podcasting opened doors for collaborations and diversification. Davis expanded his portfolio by collaborating with other creators, participating in charity events, and exploring new content formats. His ventures showcase a versatility that keeps audiences engaged and highlights the evolving nature of digital media.True Geordie’s journey has not been without challenges. Like any public figure, Brian Davis has faced criticism, controversy, and the scrutiny that comes with online visibility. However, True Geordie’s resilience and ability to navigate these challenges have contributed to his enduring presence and influence in the online sphere.

True Geordie’s ascent from a passionate football fan to an influential online personality is a testament to the power of authenticity and relatability in the digital age. Brian Davis, through the True Geordie persona, has demonstrated that sharing genuine perspectives, engaging in open conversations, and embracing a multifaceted approach can resonate across diverse audiences. As True Geordie continues to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide, his journey serves as a compelling narrative of self-expression, community building, and the transformative potential of online platforms.


00:00 | Trailer
01:56 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:22 Brian’s introduction
04:57 A long-time listener to London Real and a fan of Dorian Yates
05:48 Who is the True Geordie and what is his podcast
08:34 Footballers should respect the fans more
09:28 What Newcastle United football team means to its fans
11:12 Football has lost its soul
13:21 Football hooliganism past and present
14:33 The difference between the north and south of England
16:59 Who watches Brian Davis’ videos
17:48 A huge fan of footballer Alan Shearer
19:12 Brian growing up, unable to conform, now proving the naysayers wrong
24:55 Absent father affected Brian’s life
26:28 Why Brian is conscious of his responsibility to his young followers
28:35 Rolling the dice from teenage years to late twenties
36:15 The hard times, living precariously, searching for his why
40:52 The life changing moment
41:24 Starting to do regular videos using an iPhone, learning to be a good YouTuber
45:13 The YouTube game
47:45 Brian’s views on fellow YouTubers
53:42 How Brian deals with the haters and the fans
55:39 Moving into long form content with Laurence McKenna
1:01:52 The connection created through a podcast
1:07:05 How Brian wants to develop his podcasts
1:08:37 Brian’s admiration for Joe Rogan
1:10:10 Success secrets
1:10:55 Would business and financial success change Brian’s identity
1:14:41 Why Brian identifies with people like Conor McGregor
1:16:03 Ethical considerations when choosing a sponsor
1:18:03 Why Brian thinks he needs more money to make his videos
1:19:42 Where Brian sees himself in five years hence
1:21:26 Advice to people who want to get into putting videos on YouTube
1:23:00 Effect on Brian of Google YouTube’s recent changes to demonization and advertising policy
1:29:20 Brian’s mentor
1:30:45 What scares Brian
1:31:27 Who Brian thinks of successful
1:32:46 What would we be surprised to learn about The True Geordie
1:34:02 What has Brian changed his mind about recently
1:37:42 Is it just about the money Brian
1:40:57 Phone call to the 20 year old Brian Davis
1:43:34 Best advice ever received
1:44:43 Phone call to the young person who wants some self-esteem and to give value to the world
1:46:06 Can we all do what we love
1:48:07 Do not become a victim of life
1:50:39 The battle of people’s attention span
1:52:51 Brian Rose summing up.


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