Dan Pena – The $50 Billion Man – Full Movie

Dan Peña is ​an American high-performance ​business c​oach​ whose straight talking style has been inextricably linked with London Real since he began mentoring the founder and host Brian Rose three years ago.

But their relationship is anything but simple, and can often times been caustic, confrontational, and downright nasty.

Join Brian as he recollects his mentorship learnings and travels up the coast of Scotland to receive the ultimate honour, a place in Dan’s world famous Hall of Fame.


00:00 Brian’s challenging introduction.
01:51 Dan can’t put it plainer than that to Brian.
02:44 Brian travels back to where his life changed to see the man he hates.
07:58 Back at the castle.
09:43 Brian confesses where greed and egotism took him.
12:00 Brian begins to change his life.
13:32 It was all going great until that email arrived.
14:10 Dan has hooked Brian, can he reel him in, or will Brian resist?
19:26 Stark insight into Dan’s personality during walk through the trophy rooms.
23:21 Brian is still resisting.
25:42 Interviewing Dan at Guthrie Castle. Dan’s QLA teaching method is akin to Navy SEAL training.
29:01 Brian realises Dan will always win – unless the mentee quits.
30:19 Days 1 and 2 QLA leave Brian feeling like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now film.
33:08 Day 3. When Dan says he is going to fuck you up he means it. Is Brian being brain-washed?
34:25 What is entailed in Dan’s commitment to mentees of one year free-mentorship.
35:42 Day 4: Dan tough talking to the snowflakes of today,
37:01 After Day 5: Brian hits the hard wall of reality.
38:08 The Final Day: Facing the excuses we make to ourselves.
38:29 Final interview in the trophy room. Most people are living quiet lives of desperation.
41:21 Brian starts as he means to go on, launches the London Academy and keeps evolving.
44:18 Two years later Brian returns to Guthrie Castle and learns of Dan’s Influencers.
54:26 Brian is in turmoil and comes to a decision.
57:17 Dan and Brian battle it out.
1:01:11 Piping in the Haggis. Dan reflects on his relationship with Brian.
1:03:01 Brian remembers their first meeting and all the subsequent ups and downs.
1:06:48 Dan has the last word in his inimitable style.
1:07:30 Emotional departure for Brian as he goes to face his fears and live his life to its full potential.

Dan Pena links:
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Dan Pena’s Books:
Your First 100 Million

Topics discussed:
Apocalypse Now (film)
The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care by Dr Benjamin Spock

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Where is part 2?


Hi Mustafeartan734,
This is the full episode. 🙂

I’m not sure about the inner shadow thing. However, I do believe that the character traits you can’t stand in someone else may be a reflection of how you behave yourself at times. We occasionally act as mirrors to each other at times. It can be useful to reflect upon that now and then. I still think Dan overeggs the bad language. It’s all too easy to turn into a caricature of yourself. It can be enlightening when someone who doesn’t mince their words tells you how they see you. It can set you on another train of thought even… Read more »

Best Quality Content!


Brian, I agree with Dan. Over this video I have learned so much about YOU!

YOU are the one that has the experience, you are the one teaching us. Make the show more about you, not Dan or Jim or Elliot.


Not seeing part 2?


Not seezing part 2?


Somebody could tell me the name of music beat starting at 16:00? It so good! PLEASE HELP!

great story! Thanks a lot for sharing your path, Brian. Reminds me a little bit of star wars… 🙂 I totally agree, there are dark sides in each of us. They control our behaviour, when we are not conscious of them. Psychedelics put them on the table, shines light on them. Once you see and feel them truely without a filter, you might aswell notice, that they are based on nothing more than some beliefsystems in your thoughtpatterns. But that they are not really you. They are more like clothes you dressed on and you can decide wether to wear… Read more »

Great content, glad I came across londonreal


Wow. I am very encouraged. Quality is 100pc, message 1000pc.


What a magnanimous story. Gave me goose bumps. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

Jenny Mayola

Glad you enjoyed this episode! You’re most welcome! 🙂

I think DP did a lot to you and a lot to a lot of people (for better, for worst, for both)… I Know. a lot of “a lots”… I just want to say that the time we spend is not coming back, but, the time we spend will take us somehow were we need to be. I used to think that I wasted a lot of my time when I was younger. I used to think that I would be so much more than I am today but that’s not right. we shouldn’t underestimate ourselves. never. instead, take every… Read more »

Amazing adventure!
thanks for sharing your experience

Liam Palmer

Hey Brian, I really enjoyed the movie and I thought you put it together well building to a fittingfinale. I guess it speaks to different people at different levels but I noted your big increases in confidence and presence from the first meeting with DP to now. I thought the weaving in of initiation ceremony and the challenge of the father / masculine energy was profound. I admire your integrity and guts for persevering in doing your thing and following your path and your push for contribution. Great stuff Brian. Liam from Birmingham

Nicolas Olea

OMG!!!! You killed Brian!! The best movie you realeased to this day!!! This video motivated me a lot and also made me very happy to see you evolved so much since you met Dan.


Amazing. Can relate to everything here.Just Love it!


greate vid!but I absolutley loved part with lions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh,I was laughing like for an half a hour….greate example !!!!!!!!!so symbolic and so fucking true !


Thanks Brian for the great video.

Stepping out on my own and needed a good kick up the ass to get into gear.

Mark Riddle

I Love it, great work ~ we got to run towards the gunfire!!!


Wow this video was fucking amazing! Super motivational and I am sure Dan would say something like motivation is an excuse to not do shit lol and I agree. Thank you guys so much…