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Rory MacDonald - Red King


Rory Joseph MacDonald is a Canadian mixed martial artist who recently signed a contract with Bellator MMA. He is a former King of the Cage Lightweight Champion.


00:00 | Trailer
01:44 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:12 Brian’s introduction
04:36 Forthcoming first London fight with Paul Daley
08:09 I don’t have a fight plan, I like to go with the flow
09:47 Learning technique is the most important thing
10:26 Training in MMA from the beginning
16:22 The ups and downs of the past year for Rory
22:07 Leaving the UFC
25:58 The benefits of joining Bellator
26:55 Dealing with enforced break following last lost fight
28:06 Doesn’t do much pre-fight analysis of opponent
29:30 What Rory does in fight week and on fight night
32:04 Moving to Montreal to train at Tri-Star with Georges St-Pierre
39:53 Rory’s media tour with Conor McGregor
41:06 Keeping true to his own image, not emulating Conor McGregor47:17 What an adrenalin dump feels like
49:10 You get to know who you are in the cage
50:53 Why Rory continues to fight despite the injuries
53:13 How Rory finds fatherhood
57:41 Why Rory loves hunting
1:01:20 Rory’s diet
1:02:32 Rory’s surprising interest
1:03:37 Plans for the next year
1:05:20 Head trauma issues
1:06:52 Steroid use in the sport
1:08:32 Success secrets
1:09:07 Phone call to the 20 year old Rory MacDonald
1:10:55 Best advice ever received
1:12:03 Advice to the young person who wants to be a fighter
1:14:57 Brian’s summing up.


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