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Kim Kiyosaki - Rich Woman


What it Really Takes for the Reward of Financial Freedom

Kim Kiyosaki is an internationally-renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, real estate investor, radio show host, and partner in the Rich Dad company, alongside her husband Robert Kiyosaki.

She began investing in real estate in 1989, and now owns over 7,000 rental units, 2 hotels and 4 golf courses, as well as commercial properties and other investments.

Today she is known as an outspoken advocate for female financial education, with her books Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time, by challenging the way tens of millions of women around the globe think about money.


00:00 | Trailer
02:35 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:43 | Brian’s introduction
04:21 | Kim may have spotted an opportunity for investment in real estate in the UK
08:58 | Investing in property teaches life lessons
10:27 | The Rich Dad mission is to enrich the financial well-being of humanity
14:19 | How Kim came to see that women wanted to learn more about finance
15:53 | In a relationship money should be a shared interest
17:39 | How the Rich Dad and Rich Women empire came about and developed
23:33 | Money is not the most important thing in life, but it affects everything that is important
24:53 | If you’re not facing something you fear every day you don’t understand the secret of life
27:53 | What the education system fails to do
30:36 | When Kim realised It’s about assets not the pay cheque and income
32:17 | The wrong mindset for building a business
34:24 | What happened after Robert Kiyosaki appeared on the Oprah TV show,36:45 Three characteristics of a good entrepreneur
40:33 | Building a business with your partner
41:45 | The more people we serve the more effective we become
47:10 | Women’s attitude to money and how so many find themselves in a financial crisis
50:40 | The positives for women in business
56:38 | Five financial terms women need to know about
1:03:46 | Kim’s view on financial advisors or planners
1:06:36 | What people need to understand about taxes
1:14:07 | Newspaper and online headlines mislead causing controversy amongst financially illiterate public
1:17:14 | How Kim foresees the future for rich man and rich woman
1:19:24 | Kim’s daily practice
1:23:54 | Kim’s superpower
1:24:57 | Best and worst days of her life
1:28:55 | What scares her
1:30:40 | What we would be surprised to learn about Kim
1:32:06 | What keeps her awake at night
1:32:29 | Is she hopeful for the world as it is now
1:38:33 | Success secrets
1:39:47 | Brian’s summing up.


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