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Watch > Episode > Brian Rose's Real Deal - Sadiq Khan Is Wasting Your Money And Running Our City Into The Ground

Brian Rose's Real Deal - Sadiq Khan Is Wasting Your Money And Running Our City Into The Ground


Brian Rose's Real Deal

Join me as I take an in-depth look at how your current Mayor has squandered taxpayers’ money while managing to systematically defund the police, nearly bankrupt TFL (not once but twice) and fallen woefully short on his affordable housing promises.

We are in the midst of the greatest recession this country has seen for nearly 300 years. Many of you reading this are likely sitting at home, unable to work, some of you may have unfortunately lost your jobs, yet we are being squeezed for more money through council tax hikes, increased congestion charges and higher travel costs. All of this because Sadiq Khan claims he doesn’t have the funds to maintain our most relied upon and steadfast infrastructures.

Your current Mayor oversees a budget in the region of £17 billion. This substantial sum is there to service you, the citizens of this great city. As outlined in his own manifesto in 2016, Sadiq Khan promised he would make affordable housing an absolute priority, freeze London transport fares and make London safer by tackling knife crime, while restoring neighbourhood policing.


Yet, he has defunded the police force in the capital by £110 million, failed to deliver 200,000 new homes with the £1.8 billion that was set aside, and lost control of the TFL budget to the point of near bankruptcy.

Where has all the money gone? Well, aside from the recent New Years Eve firework display that set the city back £1.5 million, there’s been vast amounts of money spent on vanity projects, his personal PR team, pay increases for the TFL bosses, including huge bonuses and a catalogue of failed initiatives that have left London and its communities paying the price.

It is simply not acceptable to sit back and allow this to continue. We have reached a pivotal moment. The country is facing dire economic consequences as a result of the many lockdowns we’ve experienced in the last 10 months. London is the beating heart of the UK’s economic prosperity, and I believe it is time for a new way of thinking and a different approach.

The role of Mayor is simple. You have two jobs:

  • The First is to LISTEN to the citizens
  • The Second is to SERVE the citizens

Your current Mayor of London has failed to deliver on both fronts while the promises he made to YOU back in 2016 have clearly not been met.

He has consistently blamed the government and bemoaned a lack of support, yet, it is his own incompetence and fiscal mismanagement of the transport system, housing, and of course our criminal services that are at the heart of the problems we now face.

As your next Mayor of London, I promise that I will:

  • Create a six month, post-lockdown Congestion Charge Holiday by removing this prohibitive taxation in order to safely promote visits to the city and immediately boost the economy
  • Create a six month, post-lockdown Business Rates Holiday by removing business rates across the board for SMEs in Greater London
  • Stimulate key sectors with expanded financial packages, specifically restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, retail and the hotel sector
  • Encourage the return of office workers to the world’s financial capital by working with the top global financial service companies to safely bring back 25% of their office workers
  • Implement new science-based protocols for retail establishments to deal with Covid-19 responsibly but still stay in business
  • Safely open up our theatres, museum, concert arenas, and stadiums
  • Promote outdoor seating and the use of street parking spaces for all retail and hospitality businesses in London free of charge from local councils for six months
  • Get our children back to school which will promote all of the surrounding and dependent businesses.

Let me know your thoughts

Real Deal is your chance to join me LIVE to discuss the big issues and I want you to get involved by sending me your questions and opinions.

This week I’m particularly keen to hear your thoughts on:

  • Do you think taxpayer money should be spent by your Mayor on water coolers, vending machines, personal PR, and a publicly funded campaign New Years Eve Show?
  • Do you think that during a recession the Mayor should increase your transport fares, increase your council taxes, and increase your congestion charges?
  • Do you think the Mayor should allow the TFL to go bankrupt while he defunds the Police and builds no houses with the £1.8 billion he received from government?
  • Do you think we need new leadership, new vision, and new ideas to take us in a new direction?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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A number of clips from this groundbreaking interview are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word and defend our human rights: grab these clips today!

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