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Tony Long - Lethal Force


Tony Long was the best “shot’ the Met ever had. Under the codename “Echo 7′, he was “licenced to kill’ bringing down scores of targets, sometimes with deadly force. In 1985 he opened fire on a suspect to save a four-year-old girl whose mother had been stabbed to death by her assailant. Two years later he was involved in another high profile shooting while confronting three armed criminals. On both occasions Tony was commended by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. But in the spring of 2005, coming face to face with suspected drug dealer and armed robber Azelle Rodney, a volley of point blank shots would bring his career crashing to an end, tarnish his reputation and leave him fighting a murder charge and possible life sentence. From life or death cases and botched operations to political fallouts, this book charts the controversial career from rookie seventies beat cop to Long’s command of SO19 ‚Äì the Met’s most elite specialist firearms unit. Long’s personal testimony and professional insight raises serious issues about the duties, pressures and responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of those we task to risk their lives, and take the lives of others, in our name.


00:00 | Trailer
01:50 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:48 Brian’s introduction
05:31 Twenty years of service based in Shoreditch
06:37 Historical reasons for introduction of armed police officers in UK and the British attitude to it
19:13 What the term ‘policing’ means to Tony
23:23 Becoming part of SPG and the London SWAT team, but missing being a street duty officer
32:11 Why Tony originally wanted to join the police
42:28 Time of change in the type of criminals committing gun crime
46:44 Unbalanced reporting of armed officer operations
49:38 The day Tony shot and killed Azelle Rodney
1:07:36 Once you’ve shot someone they are no longer a cardboard target
1:10:15 1985 Tony shoots Errol Walker
1:14:49 Tony’s life made uncomfortable by police after he shoots 2 dead in 1987
1:20:22 Video footage of operations may not be as the brain recollects
1:28:23 Tony’s argument with how Police Officers are treated having done the job they are trained to do
1:39:21 How Tony feels about Azelle Rodney
1:40:54 The assumption of institutional racism
1:44:24 Is this taking place in an economic prism
1:45:24 Defending the use of hard stops
1:49:14 The three controversial shootings: Azelle Rodney, Mark Duggan and Jermaine Baker
2:00:09 How it felt to be charged with murder and then acquitted
2:03:24 Why Tony wrote his book
2:07:21 Should the police be armed
2:20:18 Thoughts on the American police system, contrasting it with the UK police force
2:26:12 Tony’s view of the general level of gun violence in America
2:39:18 Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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