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Stene Jacobs - South African Sage

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Property developer Stene Jacobs joins us to discuss why London is the gateway to the rest of the world, how he qualified as a diver in the South African navy, the do’s and don’ts of running with bulls in Pamplona, how depression is a valuable and necessary part of life, his views on the massive socio-economic changes happening in South Africa, public vs. private education, and how a successful business all comes down to your network.


“For the first two years I think I was drunk most of the time…” – Stene (11:41)

“You need those ‘downs’ because they give you the velocity to get to the new ‘ups’” – Stene (24:30)

“You gotta try and change your routine up but I don’t know how to do that sometimes.” – Brian (26:40)

“My problem with South Africa is that race seems to brought up far too much still…” – Stene (29:58)

“One of the saddest things about human nature is our tendency to romanticise the past.” – Nic (31:57)

“People were getting cholera and dying by the hundreds…” – Brian (34:05)
“Santa’s at home are rubbish because they wear shorts.” – Stene (41:00)


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