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Simon Mann - Inside The Mind Of A Mercenary

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Simon Francis Mann is a British mercenary and former British Army officer. He served part of a 34-year prison sentence in Equatorial Guinea for his role in a failed coup d’état in 2004, before receiving a presidential pardon on humanitarian grounds on 2 November 2009.


00:00 Trailer.
02:42 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:01 Brian’s introduction.
04:43 Questionable term of Mercenary divided the half a million listeners to Simon’s last interview.
10:41 The dichotomy between people’s desire for peace and the fight needed to achieve it.
13:48 Attending Eton College is part of Simon’s background.
21:17 Joining the Scots Guards and undergoing tough selection to get into the Special Air Service.
32:29 Deployed to Northern Ireland where he learns about terrorism.
41:21 Simon’s personal and military relationship with South Africa.
43:51 Simon’s involvement in Africa, particularly in Angola could have been taken from a Wilbur Smith novel.
1:15:26 Surreal involvement in Sierra Leone’s civil war, gold mining and arms dealing in Russia.
1:21:33 Simon’s reasons for getting involved in African conflicts including Liberia and the ruthless RUF.
1:29:43 Executive Outcomes ceases and the arguments for and against using private military contractors.
1:48:54 Why Blackwater got into trouble in Iraq.
1:50:21 Sandline and the arms to Sierra Leone scandal.
1:54:26 Sandline and the scandal in Bougainville in 2003.
1:56:06 Advising David Hart in his lobbying to No.10 Downing Street, for the invasion of Iraq.
2:04:06 The failed attempted coup d’état in Papua Guinea when things get very nasty.
2:34:37 His rendition from Zimbabwe to Black Beach prison Equatorial New Guinea, trying not to go mad.
3:00:15 On trial and sentenced to 37 years, walking a tightrope of emotion and madness with a daily routine.
3:17:35 Return to England, but invited back.
3:23 45 His current relationship with Africa.
3:24:16 Did he have any resulting trauma?
3:28:58 What Simon would like people to learn from his story.
3:35:23 What is in store for Simon in the next ten years.
3:40:18 Would he ever return to the PMC business?
3:41:57 He made a return visit to Zimbabwe.
3:42:57 Is there still more to his story?
3:43:09 Phone call to the 20 years old Simon Mann.
3:43:33 Success secrets.
3:45:00 Best advice ever received.
3:46:19 Advice to the 20 years old listening.
3:49:23 Brian’s summing up.


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