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RJ Mitte – Success Secrets

RJ is a pleasure to talk to because he’s creative but also because he’s turned the challenge of living with cerebral palsy into a USP that helps him succeed in a super-competitive industry.

In this section you’ll hear RJ talk about:

  • How he manages to “shut down”
  • What he does when the “process doesn’t work”
  • Why success is NOT career based
  • How family gives him drive
  • Why his grandparents represent success to him
  • How success has changed in today’s world
  • The importance of changing your mindset
  • How he survived growing up in Hollywood
  • RJ’s values, and how they will NEVER be compromised
  • Using regrets, rather than getting negative about them
  • RJ’s incredible photographic memory


Always great to hear an actor’s view of success, especially one who’s so close to the crazy world of Hollywood!

I want to know if you agree with RJ’s take on family and success. Do you think it’s possible to have career success and a healthy family life?

This is a tricky one for a lot of people so let me know in the comments below.

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