Opportunity Terms

All information contained in email correspondence (the “emails”) is solely for informational purposes to provide recipients information about Longstem Limited (“Longstem Ltd”). The sole purpose of these emails is to assist the recipient in deciding whether to proceed with a further investigation of a potential transaction in accordance with procedures established by Longstem Ltd, subject to updates from time to time. These emails do not purport to be all-inclusive or to necessarily contain all the information that a prospective investor may desire in investigating a potential transaction. As a result, any prospective investor must rely solely on its own due diligence and analysis of Longstem Ltd, its business, its financial information and its future prospects for a potential transaction.

These emails constitute confidential information of Longstem Ltd and is the property of Longstem Ltd, and no right in or license to any contents of these emails is granted to any recipient. These emails are provided to each recipient on the condition that each such recipient agrees that it will hold these emails in strict confidence, and shall not directly or indirectly reproduce, disclose, forward, disseminate, or distribute these emails in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Longstem Ltd, which may be withheld, condition or delayed in its sole discretion. Recipients who do not desire further information agree to communicate this promptly to Longstem Ltd.

These emails have been prepared for informational purposes relating to a potential transaction upon the express understanding that it will only be used for the purposes set forth above. Longstem Ltd, together with its respective employees, officers, directors, and affiliates, each expressly disclaim any and all liability for the accuracy of the information contained in, or from omissions in, these emails, or any other written or oral communication transmitted or made available by Longstem Ltd or its representatives. Furthermore, the information contained herein is as of the date hereof, or as of any earlier date described herein.

Longstem Ltd expressly disclaims the obligation to supplement or update any of the information contained in these emails or any other written or oral communication transmitted or made available by Longstem Ltd or its representatives. In the event that the recipient decides to pursue a transaction with Longstem Ltd, it must acknowledge and agree that it will rely exclusively on the representations and warranties, if any, and information contained in any accompanying disclosures schedules set forth in a definitive written agreement executed and delivered by both it and Longstem Ltd. These emails do not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of offers to buy securities of Longstem Ltd.

The recipient is not permitted to construe these emails, including the contents herein, as legal, tax, accounting or investment analysis, recommendations or advice. The recipient should consult its own counsel and tax and financial advisors as to all matters concerning Longstem Ltd. The recipient agrees that, unless and until a definitive written purchase agreement regarding a transaction has been executed, Longstem Ltd will not be under any legal obligation of any kind whatsoever with respect to any transaction. The
recipient further acknowledges and agrees that Longstem Ltd reserves the right, in its sole discretion without advance notice, to reject any and all proposals made by the recipient with regard to a proposed transaction and to terminate discussions and negotiations with the recipient at any time and for any or no reason.