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John Lee - Empowering Entrepreneurs and Transforming Lives with Wealth Dragons


John Lee may have started out by cutting vegetables in a kitchen but by the age of 27, he had made his first million. Now, he’s a motivational speaker and trainer who’s shared stage space with Bill Clinton, Richard Branson and Alan Sugar.

Growing up the child of first generation Chinese immigrants who ran a humble takeaway restaurant, Lee’s story is extremely relatable and very much one of our times. Perhaps this is the most powerful thing about his narrative arc: he has pushed beyond the familiar disillusion of post-university with its broken promise of a job, which many graduates have faced since the economic crash.

He’s also moved out of the discontentment and banality of the 9 to 5, the place where many of us find ourselves. Now, as CEO and founder of Wealth Dragons, he’s leading others to financial and personal freedom through passive income. In this episode of London Real, Lee holds nothing back: we go deep into his background, the drivers behind his success and the key lessons you need to take into your life.

His honesty and knowledge will engage and empower you. Risk, commitment, fear, discipline, all life lessons drawn from a decade in business are laid out on the table for discussion.

Whether you’re a graduate now working a coffee shop job that you hate, or someone trapped in the hateful and passionless 9 to 5, slaving for someone else’s success, listen up: John Lee wants to set you free.

John Lee’s journey into entrepreneurship began at a young age. Born in Hong Kong, Lee moved to the United Kingdom as a teenager. Despite facing financial challenges and cultural adjustments, his resilience and determination propelled him forward. Lee’s early exposure to entrepreneurship ignited a passion for wealth creation, motivating him to explore various business ventures and investment opportunities.

In 2009, John Lee co-founded Wealth Dragons with business partner Vincent Wong. Wealth Dragons is an international organisation dedicated to providing education and training in entrepreneurship, wealth creation, and personal development. The company’s mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of business and achieve financial success.

One of John Lee’s key contributions through Wealth Dragons lies in the realm of entrepreneurship education. The organisation offers a diverse range of courses, workshops, and seminars designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with practical skills and insights. Lee’s teachings cover various aspects of business, including sales and marketing strategies, investment tactics, and mindset development.

John Lee’s expertise in property investment has been a focal point of Wealth Dragons’ educational programs. Leveraging his own success in the real estate sector, Lee provides valuable insights into property investment strategies, financing options, and market trends. Through workshops and mentorship programs, Wealth Dragons aims to demystify property investment for individuals seeking to build wealth through real estate.

Wealth Dragons has established a global footprint, reaching individuals in different countries and cultures. John Lee’s commitment to making entrepreneurship education accessible has led to the expansion of Wealth Dragons’ programs beyond traditional classroom settings. Online courses, webinars, and digital resources enable participants from around the world to benefit from Lee’s expertise and guidance.

Beyond practical business skills, John Lee emphasises the importance of personal development and mindset mastery in the pursuit of success. Wealth Dragons’ programs incorporate teachings on goal setting, resilience, and cultivating a positive mindset. Lee believes that a strong foundation of personal development is essential for entrepreneurs to navigate challenges, overcome setbacks, and thrive in the competitive business landscape.

John Lee’s impact extends beyond the educational realm through Wealth Dragons’ emphasis on mentorship and community building. The organisation provides opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with experienced mentors, fostering a supportive network where individuals can learn from each other’s experiences and collaborate on business ventures.

The success stories and testimonials of individuals who have benefited from John Lee’s teachings and Wealth Dragons’ programs serve as a testament to the organisation’s transformative impact. Participants often highlight not only the practical knowledge gained but also the motivational and inspirational aspects of the educational journey.

John Lee’s journey from a determined young entrepreneur to the co-founder of Wealth Dragons exemplifies the transformative power of education, mentorship, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Through Wealth Dragons, Lee has created a platform that empowers individuals to realise their business aspirations, achieve financial success, and cultivate personal growth. As a visionary leader in the field of entrepreneurship education, John Lee continues to inspire and guide a global community of aspiring entrepreneurs on their paths to success and fulfilment.


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