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Joe De Sena - Spartan Race


Barbed wire, sandbags, rope climbing, run over the hills,a spear throw and lots of mud are just some of the challenges you’ll face when you sign up for the Spartan Race – the toughest competitive obstacle race in the word and very popular on NBC TV. But it’s founder, Joe De Sena, believes that shaking off the sleep of comfort or complacency, then exchanging it for the warrior spirit and pushing yourself to the limits, will revolutionise how you see yourself. Joe wanted help people realise their potential by pushing themselves beyond what they realised they were capable of. He named the race, quite appropriately, after an ancient civilisation – Sparta. The Spartans, nearly 3 millennia after their city-state disappeared, are still recognised as the hardest and most resilient armies in the history. If you’re familiar with the movie 300 and still remembering quotes from it, you may be surprised to know that the movie is based on real historical documentation of a battle in which 300 badass Spartan warriors defended Greece from a Persian army of thousands. How? Because of their “sign me up” attitude that feared comfort over challenge


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