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Watch > Episode > Janet Adams - Our Advanced Neural-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence Will Dominate & Disrupt Everything

Janet Adams - Our Advanced Neural-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence Will Dominate & Disrupt Everything


COO of SingularityNET

Technology is completely changing the way we live our lives. The application of scientific knowledge is rigorous and constantly evolving, but in truth the incredible brains behind such impactful work carry an enormous responsibility to ensure that what they create leads to a more compassionate, cohesive and sustainable society.

Someone who is front and centre of this challenge is today’s guest, Janet Adams. Janet is a technology advocate and AI expert with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and has held senior positions at RBS, TSB, and HSBC.

As the Chief Operating Officer of SingularityNet, Janet finds herself in the crosshairs of the most critical juncture society and humankind might ever face. SingularityNET was of course founded by London Real guest Ben Goertzel with the goal of creating a decentralised, democratic, inclusive and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence, and has become the world’s leading decentralised AI marketplace.

Janet has led several high-profile AI and blockchain initiatives across various markets, including robotics, biotech, gaming, and the metaverse. She worked alongside the team that pioneered the world’s first humanoid robot-fronted band, the Jam Galaxy, and has also co-founded the Cogito Protocol, an algorithmic tracercoin that provides the missing piece in crypto-assets.

According to Janet, one of the top trends in AI moving forward will continue to be the rise of generative AI for text and images. These large language and image models are deep neural networks run on giant datasets, allowing them to predict what words would come next in a sentence or what an image might look like.

Of course we’re all now more than familiar with ChatGPT which is already being used in everyday scenarios, and Janet expects to see an expansion of this to other areas that will have a similar impact on our lives.

Janet and the team at SingularityNet are working on generative AI music tools,, as well as generative trading strategies that can perform time series analysis to generate alpha. While this technology is not yet fully developed, Janet believes that once these models can integrate semantic data with quant data, they will be able to generate both language and numbers in informed trading strategies.

In the past, AI has largely focused on applied or narrow AI, but Janet sees a return to the much more powerful field of cognitive architectures. This ultimately takes us towards artificial general intelligence, as it brings an added layer of interpretation from a human perspective to the models.

“It’s a return to the much more exciting research into complex systems and this ultimately takes us of course towards artificial general intelligence.”

Janet is committed to a positive and beneficial Singularity for the benefit of all of humanity, and her passion for diversity, inclusion, and equality shine throughs and makes her a valuable asset and exactly the kind of person we need involved in such an impactful and game changing period that will ultimately affect every person on the planet.

This technology is huge and the speed with which it develops is only increasing week by week. I just love these conversations with the likes of Janet, disruptors in the tech industry who are leading the charge in the development of AI and blockchain initiatives, and projects that have the potential to change the world in a positive way.

Janet’s passion for a sustainable and beneficial Singularity is inspiring, and alongside the team at SingularityNet, with their focus on cognitive architectures and artificial general intelligence, she is helping pave the way for the future of AI.

“Who would you rather invent the most powerful technology ever invented? SingularityNet? Who is governed by a democratic decentralised community or a political organisation or a military organisation or a big tech firm?”


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  1. ChatGPT is phenomenal in its own right, but it’s not AGI
  2. What is the “red car” test?
  3. We’ll see human level artificial general intelligence this decade
  4. At Zarqa, we’re building the most powerful large models ever invented
  5. Using blockchain technology for developing our AGI
  6. It’s imperative we use the AGI to benefit humankind
  7. AGI technologies are the only hope we have
  8. By the end of 2023, we’ll have our first neural-symbolic AGI
  9. Soon we’ll start integrating our technologies in daily devices
  10. Zarqa models for education will always be free to use
  11. We need AGI to reflect the beauty and diversity of humankind
  12. Humans can develop feelings for robots and AI
  13. I foresee a future of joy
  14. AI and AGI are inevitable
  15. We are going to transform what it means to be human


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