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Jamie Alderton - Transform Your Body


Ex-British Army soldier, Championship Natural Bodybuilder, top UK fitness model and leading body transformation coach Jamie Alderton joins us in the studio today.

His experience in diet and non-gym training regimes is rare and gets some serious results – if you’ve got it in you to take up the challenge. Jamie is passionate about training and nutrition habits as a means of invigorating your overall lifestyle. This straight talking motivator will seriously get you mentally and physically on game. Get on it.

Introduction to Jamie Alderton.
Why put on those weights?
Having experienced it and being able to say to clients what is best.
People are constantly given mixed messages.
What was the hardest thing to get down to compete?
Everyone has preference on body image. I enjoy the lifestyle.
7 years in the military. Shut up and just get on with it.
Consistency. Success is showing up.
In the fitness industry, people look at your knowledge.
Body transformation coach.
Getting to stage shape.
Sort the men from the boys.
What is the hardest part? Is it the cravings? the energy drops?
Responsibility when you have a social media following.
How do you deal with food cravings?
What kind of body fat percentage are you playing with when going for competition, or photo shoot?
A balanced aspect to fitness. You may want to look like that guy but you won’t want to feel like him.
What I find for a client is how I can fit into their lifestyle.
Getting the results and keeping the results.
Emotional connection to results.
Finding a nutrition plan that a client will stick to.
Red button syndrome.
You need to count your calories. You need to watch the macro ratios.
Pinpointing something is evil when it’s to do with the dosage.
Is there a way to look like you without doing the work?
What is your go to meal?
Performance Enhancing Drugs.
Professional make it look easy and people don’t see the dedication.
Steroids don’t equal success.
Competitions is about challenging myself.
The mind of a champion.
The mind changes the way you lift.
Fitness professional disagreeing with things.
Compound movements.
Training the legs.
Tips on staying motivated.
Can genetics be improved and change your body? Listening to your body.
Time management.
Vegan lifestyle
How do you figure out what you wanted to do?
Go and look at what you like on Facebook and what you don’t like.
What you learnt running your own business.
Morning routines.
Peace and quiet in the morning.
Being an entrepreneur doing what you love to do.
Advice to the 20 year old self.
Best advice business or personal.
How do people get you?
Change your mindset before you change your mind.


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