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Iftikar Ali - Understanding Islam


Iftikar Ali of the Islamic faith explains why xenophobia is not confined to the East or West, how he bonds with Catholic friends because of their belief in religion, why he prays five times per day, his thoughts on the London bombings, and why a learned man is better than a thousand ignorant worshippers.


“I wanted to talk today about Islam.” – Brian (00:42)

“The word Islam means submission of will.” – Ifti (01:16)

“I think Xenophobia has been around since the dawn of time. And it’s not just a Western or Eastern thing.” – Ifti (04:44)

“The majority of my life has been in England and I think I’m British and I think like a British person.” – Ifti (09:53)

“Do you pray 5 times a day and if so, why? – Brian (12:52)

“It’s a very quiet time and there’s a set routine of prayers you have to do.” – Ifti (13:46)

“They were both from strong Catholic Irish families and the connection I made because of our religions was strong.” – Ifti (15:24)

“It is not easy being a Muslim.” – Ifti (18:10)

“Look at this, we’re in nature, this is my church.” – Nic (19:25)

“Look at these guys, look at these bombers, look at these people. They’re all associated with your religion?” – Brian (20:40)

“Any act of extremism is concerning.” – Ifti (22:17)

“What is the difference between a Sunni and Shia muslim and what’s the beef?” – Brian (23:04)

“From a personal perspective it was peaceful and absolving for your sins but the one thing that stood out from everything else is that the Hajj was the great equaliser of mankind.” – Ifti (31:58)

“What were your thoughts the day of the bombings in London? Honestly, please God don’t let it be Muslims that did this.” – Ifti (42:08)

“You have minorities is every group, whether it be Muslims or whether it be Christians.” – Ifti (43:06)

“One learned man is better than a thousand ignorant worshipers.” – Ifti (54:40)
“You will never have better knowledge than first hand meeting and mixing with people.” – Ifti (55:32


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