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Goldie - Timeless


In this landmark episode of London Real, legendary drum and bass pioneer Goldie talks to host Brian Rose about his early life, musical inspirations and the incredible legacy that his authentic, innovative work has forged.
Goldie, born Clifford Joseph Price on September 19, 1965, in Wolverhampton, England, is a seminal figure in the world of electronic music, particularly known for his groundbreaking contributions to the drum and bass genre. With a multifaceted career spanning music, visual arts, and acting, Goldie has left an indelible mark on the global music scene, earning recognition for his innovation, artistic vision, and influential role in shaping the evolution of electronic dance music.

A native of Walsall, England, Goldie was born to a Scottish-Jamaican couple and put up for adoption. He bounced around child-care homes and several sets of foster parents during his childhood years, and became fascinated with the rise of hip-hop, breakdancing, and graffiti art.

Adopting the alias “Goldie” due to his love for gold teeth, he became a key figure in the underground graffiti scene during the 1980s. His artistic endeavours were not confined to the visual realm; they served as a prelude to his later explorations in music, reflecting a creative spirit unbound by traditional boundaries.

In the early 1990s, Goldie transitioned from graffiti to music, marking the beginning of a transformative period in his career. His debut album, “Timeless,” released in 1995, is hailed as a seminal work that pushed the boundaries of electronic music. The album seamlessly fused elements of jungle, ambient, and orchestral music, showcasing Goldie’s versatility as a producer and composer.

“Timeless” not only solidified Goldie’s status as a trailblazer but also became a cornerstone in the development of the drum and bass genre. Tracks like “Inner City Life” and “Mother” not only resonated within the electronic music community but also reached a broader audience, establishing Goldie as a pioneering force in the British music landscape.

In 1994, Goldie co-founded Metalheadz, a record label that played a pivotal role in shaping the drum and bass movement. Metalheadz became a platform for artists who shared Goldie’s vision of pushing the sonic boundaries of the genre. The label’s influential releases and its commitment to artistic innovation contributed to the global spread of drum and bass as a distinct and influential genre within electronic music.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Goldie’s creative endeavours extend to the visual arts. He gained acclaim for his paintings, sculptures, and installations, showcasing a talent that transcends the sonic realm. Goldie’s work in the visual arts has been exhibited internationally, underscoring his ability to express creativity across multiple mediums.

Additionally, Goldie has ventured into acting, making notable appearances in films and television series. His acting career includes roles in movies like “Snatch” and “The World Is Not Enough,” demonstrating his versatility as an artist with a presence not confined to the studio or the stage.

Goldie’s legacy extends beyond his individual achievements; it encompasses the lasting impact of Metalheadz, the artists he has mentored, and the influence of his groundbreaking sound on subsequent generations of electronic music producers. His journey from the streets of Wolverhampton to international acclaim is a testament to the transformative power of artistic expression and the ability to shape cultural landscapes.

Goldie’s impact on electronic music goes far beyond his role as a musician. As a graffiti artist turned music pioneer, visual artist, and actor, he embodies the spirit of creative exploration. Goldie’s ability to evolve and innovate has cemented his legacy as a key figure in the history of electronic music, leaving an indelible mark on the genre and inspiring future generations of artists to push the boundaries of artistic expression.


00:00 | Trailer
01:45 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:19 Brian’s introduction
04;50 What am I
Who am I
I’m an alchemist
07:48 How different art forms are born out of the social climate
20:01 Goldie’s experience of the Bronx, its graffiti artists and evolution of the modern music scene
32:48 The struggle made the art and they had to get it out of themselves to live
35:00 England must learn from New York’s past mistakes and embrace diversity
37:43 Goldie believes in Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London
46:08 Why Goldie didn’t stay in America
47:40 Witnessing the making of gold teeth encrusted with diamonds confirmed his artistic leanings
55:44 What Goldie sees as his golden age opportunity
1:00:04 Goldie doesn’t play the big violin, he’s found his orchestra as others must find theirs
1:14:00 Goldie meets David Bowie
Life is a single sequence of consecutive miracles set within infinite moments over billions of years
1:23:15 Why he went into the Big Brother house
1:26:48 Goldie shares an insight into his unstable family life in the ghetto
1:30:02 What the album Journey Man is about
1:36:01 Crazy times; memories of playing venues worldwide and returning home to play Roundhouse,1:40:56 What scares the life out of Goldie and his advice to young people
1:43:06 Insightful phone call to the 20 year old Goldie
1:45:16 Brian’s summing up.


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