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David Icke - Renegade


Perceptions Of A Renegade Mind

We live in a time where we have more information than ever at our fingertips, and it spreads just as rapidly. Even with all of this information available, it seems like we have more questions than answers about the things in the world that really matter.

Speaker and writer David Icke explores the subtext of events happening in our world, in addition to conspiracy theories related to the past and present. He’s considered a renegade for the way he takes on the establishment and poses many fascinating questions.

When he was a guest recently — he didn’t hold back.

He Has Spent Years of His Life Investigating the Powers That Control the World

At the root of David Icke’s work is the goal of exposing the true powers that run the world. He discusses how companies like Facebook and Amazon coming under fire for privacy-related incidents is no coincidence and that those in power want to engineer our thought processes and create fear and discord.

In recent news, it was reported that the Facebook company will have to once again answer to a lawsuit that alleges the company misuses users’ private information.

He stresses that all of our privacy is at stake and that people should be vigilant about protecting it. When he sat down with us he touched on everything from the 5G conspiracy, a widespread agenda for social control, freemason secret societies and Trump’s ties to these secret organizations.

It’s a fascinating interview that you will want to watch in its entirety so you can take in new information that might create a paradigm shift in your life. You may or may not agree with all of it, but you will definitely see why David Icke is considered a renegade.

Check Out Renegade David Icke and What Will Surely Become One of His Most Famous Interviews

Without a doubt, David Icke has solidified his reputation of being a renegade with his fearless approach to seeking the important answers of the world. When we sat down with him, he had some mind-blowing conspiracy theories to take in.

If you love some good conspiracy talk or just want interesting perspectives on the events of the world, be sure to check out more of our content.


00:00 | Trailer
02:40 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:41 | Brian’s introduction
04:24 | Why David made the film Renegade
06:13 | A time when the world is looking for answers, when people feel uneasy and free speech is curtailed
19:53 | Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter and Apple all censoring in unison, coordinated towards a goal
22:35 | Human behaviour comes from perception and perception comes from information received
25:15 | Intention for the internet to be the central pillar of all our information and our society, then to censor it
29:54 | Why he was banned from Australia, is called and ‘ist, and how he responds to this
34:18 | The antisemitism industry has been created to protect the far-right Government in Israel from criticism
48:01 | His philosophy and the illusion of the label with which people self identify
55:10 | How gender issues became embroiled within the surrounding ethical debate
1:08:31 | Censorship, Alex Jones de-platformed
1:12:00 | Are there limits to free speech
1:15:56 | David’s definition of a cabal and what is the cabal’s endgame
1:36:15 | Significance of the year 2030
1:40:00 | Know the outcome you’ll see the journey
1:50:00 | Connecting human brain to AI so artificial intelligence becomes human consciousness
1:58:04 | David’s concerns about 5G are dark stuff and he argues against it
2:01:18 | David’s views on the global warming debate and advises research beyond the official narrative
2:18:31 | David predicts the reason behind the growing trend towards a cashless society
2:27:41 | All roads lead to hell, but if you think they lead to heaven, you’re going to take that road
2:39:35 | Take the first step to controlling your own life by putting down your mobile phone
2:43:30 | David’s next book will be the most controversial book of all time
2:49:33 | What he thinks his obituary will say
2:53:56 | An emotional point for David in the film Renegade
2:59:11 | The death of democracy is coming around the world
3:00:53 | David says we have a choice as to whether we make it through his predictions for the future
3:02:42 | David advises each one of us should become a unique point of observation
3:07:52 | He cares for the possibility of how humanity could be in a world of love and care for each other
3:10:41 | His future hope for his film Renegade
3:12:11 | Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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