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Dan Crow - CTO of Songkick


Dan Crow has been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt.  Working for Apple Computer in California in the late 1990s on their Quicktime product he discovered quickly why Steve Jobs was a man to be both feared and respected.  Moving on to Google in New York City he helped develop their “Squared” technology which is a major component in search.  After finally getting the entrepreneurial bug he defected in 2010 to become the Chief Technology Officer of Songkick.

Having worked for major hardware and software companies in the states Dan brings a unique vision to the Silicon Roundabout and has published articles such as “Why every child should learn to code” and “Why startups shouldn’t just be for the young”.  He also has distinct ideas on the future of AI and robotics and what we can expect Google to bring to that space in the future.

One of my favourite guests ever on Silicon Real!  Enjoy.

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