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what does it include?

The Kings Of DeFi – Advanced Trading Protocols is the next step for graduates of the Crypto & DeFi Academy and has been developed for those who want to further expand their DeFi and crypto trading strategies.

I look forward to having you join us inside this special group as we continue on our incredible adventure to build the Decentralised Finance infrastructure of the future and give financial freedom back to the people.

The Kings of DeFi program includes bi-weekly calls with me, access to a dedicated Facebook Group, regular Technical Analysis and an advanced syllabus of material, which includes the following learning modules:

Module 1
Trade Like The Terminator Using The 1% Rule
How To Take Profits With Automated Orders & Reward-To-Risk Ratios

  • Why Emotional Trading Always Ends in Losses
  • How To Understand the 1% Rule of Risk Management
  • Understanding Reward-to-Risk Ratios
  • How To Use Nonbinary Positions
  • How To Manage Your Total At Risk Capital

Module 2
Crypto Chart Reading Made Simple
How To Profit From the Trend With Technical Analysis

  • How Historical Data Helps Determine Future Price Movement
  • Candlesticks, Volume Indicators & Time Frames
  • How To Understand Ascending & Descending Trendlines
  • Advanced Technical Analysis – MACD, Relative Strength Index & Bollinger Bands

Module 3
Advanced Options Trading
How To Maximise Gains & Manage Risk

  • How To Understand Options – What They Are & Why They Exist
  • Options Greeks – What They Mean & How To Effectively Trade Them
  • How To Maximise Profits & Manage Risk With Complex Options
  • Exotic Options – Digitals, Barriers, Baskets & The Future

Module 4
Non-fungible Tokens Made Simple
How to Understand, Buy, Mint, Trade & Profit From NFTs

  • How The Blockchain Changes Everything
  • What is a Non-Fungible Token
  • What is Blockchain-Based Digital Art
  • What Gives an NFT Value
  • How To Buy Your First NFT
  • How To Mint Your First NFT
  • And finally, How To Trade & Profit From NFTs

Module 5
The Next 100x Coins
How To Pick the Big Crypto Winners & Recognise Blockchain Trends of The Future

  • Risk vs Reward & The Fundamentals of Intelligent Investing
  • The Blue Chips of Crypto
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • The Next 100x – How To Pick the Big Crypto Winners
  • Understanding Value Proposition
  • Sector Based Investing

Module 6
Create Your Career In Crypto
How To Become A DeFi Influencer, Advisor and Fund Manager

  • How To Create Your Career In Crypto
  • How To Become A DeFi Influencer
  • How To Become An Advisor & Fund Manager

who can apply?

The Kings of DeFi program is only available to those who have graduated the Crypto & DeFi Academy.

Inside the Kings of DeFi, you’ll discover a unique group of likeminded people who are already playing an active role in DeFi and crypto, sharing ideas and insights and collaborating on how to maximise their trading strategies.

And that’s why I personally vet every Kings of DeFi application and restrict membership to our Academy alumnus.

By being shared on this page, you have been invited to join! So don’t delay, lock in your spot now or speak to one of our success coaches to discuss any questions you might have about this incredible, invitation-only program.

How do i join?

It’s simple. Click the Enroll button below to join the Kings of DeFi program, or alternatively, book a call with one of our success coaches who can guide you through the process.

Don’t delay: this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to build on your incredible journey in the DeFi and crypto space and is only available to graduates of the Crypto & DeFi Academy.

Book a call with one of our success coaches now and learn more about how our Kings of DeFi program can transform your approach to trading crypto!


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Hear from our students
Kings of DeFi love the program!

Members of my Kings of DeFi program from around the world are already profiting from what I’m calling the Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History. With Kings of DeFi regularly presenting on marketplaces, new coins and technologies, this group is a hotbed of innovation, insight and ideas.

Learn more about how they enjoyed their experience!

I’m blown away by how well explained this material is. The concise nature of the explanations made up for years…. decades… of confusing blather from other sources.

I understand more after one hour of videos than I did after weeks of reading dry technical books on the subject.
Samuel B, Canada

I keep learning new strategies every week, and transitioning from trading the stock market to trading the crypto market.

The way the modules are delivered ensures a continuous learning.
Ricardo M, USA

Live calls are excellent. your team answers questions on time, the material you have made is excellent for trading… It’s a good mix of people in the community too!

Akshat L, USA

This course has been amazing… The info is the best. But the best part is having the community and access to Brian and his thoughts and contacts.
Mary B, USA

Grateful for Brian, DeFi Team, my classmates, the community, and the content of this course! It is absolutely fantastic!
Adam P, USA

4.5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
120 reviews


By graduating from the Crypto & DeFi Academy, you’ve already shown how committed and invested you are in the DeFi space.

Which is why we only offer our Kings of DeFi program to our Academy alumnus.

And now it’s time to take the next step on your journey.

It’s time to invest in yourself and in creating generational wealth for your future.

See you on the inside,

Brian Rose

Founder, London Real

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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