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Willy Woo - Bitcoin Is Set For A Massive Rally: The Greatest Wealth Transfer the World Has Seen


Cryptocurrency Industry Pioneer of On-Chain Analysis

Today’s guest is someone I’ve been really looking forward to having on the show for a while now. One reason is, I really enjoy taking a deep dive into some high-level macro analysis of what’s going on in the market, and secondly because our guest today is an old school, deep thinking and generous human being.

Willy Woo is a crypto analyst, investor, technologist, author and Bitcoin advocate who is widely recognised as the pioneer of on-chain analysis.

Out there in the wild west of the web, there’s a whole host of crazy price predictions and in equal measure, there’s a gluttony of negative news stories damming Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as some fad designed to relieve you of your hard-earned cash.

What we need more of is carefully studied, well presented, immaculately described, on-chain analysis and that is exactly what Willy Woo brings to the table. He’s an expert in every sense of the word, which is why over 700,000 investors follow his data rich insights, making him one of the most influential commentators in the space

In 2021, Cointelegraph named Willy in their top 100 figures in the blockchain industry, and it’s not surprising when you consider the huge popularity of his Bitcoin Forecast newsletter and his revealing insight and breakdowns on the Woobull website, where he gives both newcomers and more experienced heads much-needed clarity.

I always urge people to get a better understanding of how the markets work and the subtleties of trading and investment strategies before ploughing funds into the latest rumour. Successful crypto trading and investment comes down to being disciplined, strong technical analysis and increasing your knowledge of the space.

Willy first discovered Bitcoin by chance back in 2013, but it was during a meetup on the island paradise of Bali, that Willy saw clearly what kind of future lay just over the horizon. Since then he’s forged a reputation as one of the most reliable resources in the game. Willy is all about the details and his incredibly accurate charts that include Bitcoin pricing models have become the stuff of legend.

The NVT (Network Value to Transaction) is an indicator that describes the relationship between transfer volume and market capitalisation. It is often called the price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of cryptocurrencies and is one such denominator that Willy has brought to the table.

“As the current wave of smart money enters the Bitcoin market, powered by proprietary research, I have made it my endeavour to make similar grade research easily available to the public.”

Willy believes Bitcoin is gearing up for a massive rally that should signal a positive first quarter of 2022, and with momentum as it has been and consolidation complete, in his words “we’re off to the races.”

It would be easy to label Willy a maximalist after all his whole career right now centres around the market cycle of Bitcoin, but, he’s much more open to the bigger picture than that. He points out that with so much still to be built and new use cases around every corner, there’s plenty of scope for innovation and success elsewhere.

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In the meantime sit back and enjoy my interview with Willy, he’s a laid-back character, but that belies his incredibly detailed and sharp analysis, something I know many of you, like me, will gain so much from. He’s fascinating, and it’s an absolute pleasure to be joined on the show by someone with such a wealth of knowledge in the nuances of the crypto space.


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