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Watch > Episode > Sadhguru - Will Coronavirus Cause The End Of The World? How To Beat COVID-19 & Heal Yourself

Sadhguru - Will Coronavirus Cause The End Of The World? How To Beat COVID-19 & Heal Yourself


With Sadhguru In Challenging Times

Sadhguru, is the Indian yogi, mystic, visionary, and philanthropist.

He has been a keynote speaker at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, and has been named as one of India’s 50 most influential people.

During the coronavirus pandemic Sadhguru have posted a series of videos to YouTube titled ‘With Sadhguru in challenging times’, amassing millions of views his aim is to help people through the pandemic and lockdown and prove this time can be spent improving ourselves both physically and mentally.

In our COVID-19 state, our entire world is experiencing something this generation has never seen. Never has the current generation experienced a pandemic that has led to economic and social chaos of this magnitude.

No wonder people are scared.

Jaggi Vasudev, more commonly known as Sadhguru, offers refreshing insights into the implications of COVID-19. Sadhguru claims that we can find solace in self-isolation and not fear.

Sadhguru Interview Insights

After wishing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a quick recovery, Sadhguru focused on analysing the given COVID situation the world finds itself in.

In his simple but philosophical way of speaking, Sadhguru emphasised how every difficult situation we encounter can become an opportunity to learn. We just need to be willing to learn from that situation.

In the case of the coronavirus, our focus has shifted to mortality. With thousands of people dying worldwide from the same malady, it’s easy to think about what really matters.

The Virus of Humanity

Sadhguru goes on to note how we should shift our attention to the virus within ourselves. Perhaps, he says, nature is attempting to teach us a lesson in this virus.

Sadhguru even considers the thought that this physical illness is bringing to light an illness that existed before the outbreak. He’s not surprised by how humanity is reacting. We’ve been sick for a long time, after all, just not with this particular virus.

When we recognise we are going to die eventually from one thing or another, we change the way we live. This virus, according to Sadhguru, makes us realise our mortality and leads us to live better lives.

Death: An Inside Story

Sadhguru’s book Death: An Inside Story has come out at a perfect time when a virus is making people think about death. Sadhguru books have the potential to make individuals contemplate life beyond death and the value of taking a breath right now.

Sadhguru talks about his book and how it has a significant bearing on people’s reaction to the virus right now. What people experience right now in isolation will ultimately affect their outlook and behaviour.

What Coronavirus Can Teach Us

Sadhguru winds this interview down with what he began with: how this virus can teach us things about ourselves. He talks about what he’s been doing with his time at home and how others can use their time at home as well.

Many of us are looking for some kind of guidance during this unprecedented time. Few people alive today have lived through a pandemic that has shut the world down as this one has. Yogis like Sadhguru can offer some helpful insight that will help us all move past this time.

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00:00 | Trailer.
01:51 | Brian’s introduction.
02:37 | Sadhguru wishes the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a speedy recovery.
02:54 | In every situation there is a teaching if you are willing to learn.
05:32 | You should bring your life to ease, as you know you are not here for ever.
06:19 | How we should think about this virus within ourselves.
08:47 | Is nature trying to teach us a lesson?
12:24 | Sadhguru is not surprised by the way humanity is reacting.
15:13 | We all die either for something or for nothing.
16:50 | Does his new book Death: An Inside Story, have any bearing on what is happening now.
17:22 | What people are experiencing now that affects their outlook and behaviour.
27:06 | Sadhguru’s response to someone who says he is bored staying at home.
31:27 | What people should be doing whilst they are having to stay in their homes.
39:29 | Why it is not a particular situation which people suffer from.
42:26 | During this pandemic everyone of us will suffer economically, from which may come a change in outlook.
48:47 | Domestic violence has increased, why Sadhguru thinks this is so.
53:52 | How people can cope with death at this time.
1:00:17 | Sadhguru explains why he thinks in some countries postponement of birth should be considered.
1:03:51 | Fear seems to be gripping people in the current situation, Sadhguru explains how this can be understood.
1:07:23 | What is currently happening in India against Covid-19 spread.
1:14:51 | What Sadhguru is doing during this time.
1:17:55 | Sadhguru’s final thoughts.
1:19:20 | Brian’s summing up.


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