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Dr. Steven Gundry - Why People Are Dying From Covid-19


Author Of Four New York Times Best Sellers

Dr. Steven R. Gundry is an American doctor and author. He is a former cardiac surgeon and currently runs his own clinic, investigating the impact of diet on health. Dr. Gundry conducted cardiac surgery research in the 1990s and was a pioneer in infant heart transplant surgery, and is a New York Times best-selling author of books such as The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain.

He is best known for his disputed claims that lectins, a type of plant protein found in numerous foods, cause inflammation resulting in many modern diseases. The Plant Paradox diet suggests avoiding all foods containing lectins.


Dr. Steven R. Gundry is an American doctor and author. He is a former cardiac surgeon and currently runs his own clinic, investigating the impact of diet on health. Dr. Gundry conducted cardiac surgery research in the 1990s and was a pioneer in infant heart transplant surgery, and is a New York Times best-selling author of books such as “The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in Healthy Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain”.

He is best known for his disputed claims that lectins, a type of plant protein found in numerous foods, cause inflammation resulting in many modern diseases. The Plant Paradox diet suggests avoiding all foods containing lectins.

In this fascinating London Real episode, Steven joins host Brian Rose to discuss why people shouldn’t buy surgical face masks, the importance of diet as part of a holistic view of health and why we shouldn’t let fear make our decisions for us.

Dr. Steven Gundry began his career as a cardiothoracic surgeon, with a focus on heart health and surgical interventions. His extensive experience in the field equipped him with insights into the complexities of cardiovascular diseases and the limitations of conventional medical approaches. It was during this period that Dr. Gundry began to explore alternative strategies for promoting heart health and overall vitality.

Driven by a desire to address the root causes of chronic diseases, Dr. Gundry shifted his focus from surgery to preventive medicine and nutrition. This transition marked a significant turning point in his career, leading him to investigate the impact of dietary choices on health outcomes. Dr. Gundry’s exploration of the relationship between nutrition and disease prevention laid the foundation for his groundbreaking work in holistic health.

One of Dr. Steven Gundry’s most influential contributions to the field of nutrition is his bestselling book, “The Plant Paradox.” Published in 2017, the book challenges conventional dietary wisdom and introduces readers to the concept of lectins: proteins found in many plants that may contribute to inflammation and other health issues. Dr. Gundry proposes a plant-based, lectin-aware diet to optimise health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Central to Dr. Gundry’s dietary philosophy is the lectin-free diet, which emphasises the avoidance of certain plant-based foods that are rich in lectins. He argues that lectins, when not properly mitigated through cooking or other means, may contribute to inflammation, digestive issues, and a range of health problems. By adopting a lectin-free diet, Dr. Gundry believes individuals can support their gut health, reduce inflammation, and promote longevity.

In addition to his dietary recommendations, Dr. Gundry has developed a line of supplements and wellness products designed to complement his holistic approach to health. These products often include ingredients believed to support gut health, enhance energy levels, and optimise overall well-being. Dr. Gundry’s commitment to providing individuals with tools for holistic health extends beyond dietary advice to include supplementary support for a comprehensive wellness approach.

Dr. Steven Gundry’s journey from cardiothoracic surgeon to holistic health advocate underscores the evolving landscape of health and wellness. Through his work, he has challenged traditional paradigms and sparked conversations about the impact of diet on overall health. While his ideas have faced scrutiny, Dr. Gundry’s commitment to exploring alternative approaches to health and nutrition has left an indelible mark on the field. As individuals increasingly seek holistic and preventive health solutions, Dr. Steven Gundry’s contributions continue to shape the conversation around plant-based nutrition and its potential impact on longevity and well-being.


00:00 | Trailer.
01:06 | Brian’s introduction.
02:05 | Dr Steven Gundry’s explains how the Covid-19 epidemic differs from a flu epidemic.
06:13 | An explanation of how a cytokine storm syndrome can occur in patients with Covid-19.
08:31 | Possible shortage of ventilators in the USA and why there is more infection in New York than on the West Coast.
13:02 | Why the spread of Covid-29 has been worse in Italy and predicted and unpredictability of virus mutation affecting recovery time.
16:44 | Without mutation, summer heat may help a recovery, but virus return in the winter.
18:22 | After three months of lock down will we be free of infection threat?
19:30 | Can the figures for coronavirus infection rates and deaths in China be believed?
20:42 | USA & Canadian Government tracking of mobile phones helped track infection spread.
22:50 | Tracking mobile phones, together with testing. could be used to avoid total lock down.
27:55 | Dr Steven Gundry predicts the problems of a prolonged shut down.
32:10 | Britain managed to communicate during two world wars without modern technology.
34:56 | Economy issues show what social creatures we are.
36:52 | Dr Steven Gundry pleads with everyone not to buy surgical face masks and why.
40:02 | Human microbiome project results may reveal why young people in Western culture are prone to this disease. The other health issues which are related.
46:57 | What a leaky gut is.
49:36 | How it can be repaired.
57:32 | It is never too late to make a change in your diet which will make a difference.
1:02:34 | Dr Steven Gundry hopes the millennials will realise they don’t want this fate for their children.
1:05:27 | Dr Steven Gundry is hopeful for what the post coronavirus world will look like.
1:09:20 | Single cell organisms can control our mood, immune system and our intelligence.
1:11:24 | Women have informed Doctors of how our gut sense is so important.
1:12:58 | Dr Steven Gundry has advice for getting through the next two difficult weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic.
1:14:24 | Life is not throwing something at you, it is giving you something and it is your responsibility to see this is a gift to look at how you see this in a different way.
1:20:40 | How to access more of Dr Steven Gundry’s information.
1:21:41 | Rather than sit around in the house in fear, let’s grab this time and be proactive to protect ourselves.
1:22:45 | Brian’s summing up.


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