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Watch > Episode > Viva Frei - Biden's America Exposed: Government Censorship & The Hidden Corruption Within!

Viva Frei - Biden's America Exposed: Government Censorship & The Hidden Corruption Within!


Lawyer Turned Content Creator & Political Commentator

“We are living in an era where a handful of politically and ideologically motivated tech companies control the parameters of public discourse, and therefore public consciousness itself.”

Free speech stands as one of the fundamental pillars of a democratic society, serving as a cornerstone of individual liberty, societal progress, and the pursuit of truth. In an era where information is predominantly disseminated through digital platforms, the control over what can and cannot be said online has become a battleground for free speech advocates. 

Governments around the world have implemented measures purportedly to combat misinformation, hate speech, and other harmful content. However, in the age of digital communication and the rise of social media platforms, we have slowly seen the power to regulate content shifting into the hands of tech giants. For many of us this raises concerns about the potential for bias, manipulation, and overreach.

On today’s livestream we welcome a man who is leading the charge against such censorship alongside a host of other issues which are blurring reality in what is certainly going to be one of the most important years in Western political history.

David Freiheit, aka ‘Viva Frei, is a lawyer turned content creator and political commentator, whose hugely popular social media exploits have captured the imagination of a loyal army of followers as he turns his legal eye to everything from Donald Trump’s trial, to the mainstream media, government corruption and much more. 

David’s career began at one of Canada’s largest law firms in 2005 before establishing his own boutique litigation practice, Freiheit Legal, in 2010. However, along the way David became increasingly interested in his long held love of videography and content creation, regularly posting updates of his daily activities on YouTube. 

And it was here that his ‘Vlawgs’ analysing the current issues of the day really took off and his YouTube channel, Viva Frei, amassed over 600,000 subscribers and nearly 180 million views. 

In 2020, David became an outspoken critic of Canada’s extreme Covid response and the unprecedented attempts by the government to control free speech. As more rules followed, David became increasingly concerned about his own rights as a parent and the increasing overreach he was seeing from the Canadian government.

In the summer of 2022, David had seen enough and swiftly moved his family south of the border all the way down to Florida, believing that Canada was no longer a healthy environment to raise his children.

Later that year, he chose to sign an exclusive deal to stream his content on Rumble in order to continue discussing important issues without fear of censorship. 

“Rumble will allow me to continue discussing the issues of our time freely, openly, and without fear of censorship for the proverbial ‘Thoughtcrime.’ It’s the next phase in the democratisation of free thought itself.”

David believes that we are witnessing a war on conservative values and that governments routinely manufacture fabricated problems so they can then propose solutions. Solutions to problems that don’t exist, which then only serve to give them even greater power over our lives.

“We’re seeing idiotic government policy, a government that basically wants to nationalise all private enterprise and have full control over everybody’s life.”

So incensed was David back in July 2021, he announced his campaign to run for Parliament as a member of the People’s Party of Canada. An experience that ultimately only served to underline the near impossible task that faces anyone looking to oust those who currently hold office.

As a former lawyer, David has been outraged by proceedings in the Trump trial and believes it sets a worrying precedent for anyone who is “politically disfavoured”, but in the longer term believes this will only help Trump’s cause and hopes come November 5th.

Be sure to tune in as this is going to be a fascinating and fiery conversation with a man who pulls no punches. David’s a character who’s passionate about his country and protecting people’s right to freedom. You don’t want to miss it and please share the link with friends, family, and colleagues alike.

“I think they manufacture fabricated problems so they can then propose solutions to problems that don’t exist, and then only empower themselves even more.”

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  2. Biden’s debate fail was intentional
  3. CNN moderators are taking sides
  4. Trump genuinely felt sad for Biden
  5. Gavin Newsom for president
  6. The aftermath of Trump’s conviction
  7. Will Trump be incarcerated
  8. Supreme Court social media posts decision is a win for Biden
  9. Will Trump expose the YouTube files
  10. Why Viva Frei moved from Canada
  11. What was it like to move to Florida
  12. The US border crisis
  13. Elon Musk’s Push for Free Speech


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