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Watch > Episode > Dr John Campbell - The Truth About Coronavirus: How To Make Sure You Survive The Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr John Campbell - The Truth About Coronavirus: How To Make Sure You Survive The Covid-19 Pandemic


Over 40 Years Experience Within The Medical Industry

Dr. John Campbell, is an author and academic, known for providing expert advice and information on the COVID-19 pandemic, based on his 40+ years of professional experience.

His mission is to educate the public about the coronavirus pandemic, in order to aid intelligent and informed decision making.

Over the past few months his YouTube channel has gained millions of views as his audience looks for practical, ‘down to earth’ and “real world” advice to stay alive during this terrible crisis.


0:00 | Trailer.
01:07 | Brian’s introduction.
01:44 | Dr John Campbell’s perspective on how, since January, Coronavirus has developed and will progress in coming weeks.
06:02 | The exponential increase of the numbers who will be infected from the average r0 in China compared to Italy.
07:46 | The reasons for the high numbers infected in New York, plus aeroplane and cruise ship issues.
11:40 | Smoking and the likelihood of mortality according to age and other factors.
19:37 | Dr John Campbell explains how the virus affects the lungs and its progression to secondary infection.
28:35 | When ventilators are needed and antibiotics will be used.
30:31 | Ventilation involves lots of complicated medical care and drugs administered by qualified medical staff.
32:05 | We need massively more ventilators, and trained staff … potentially.
33:02 | Two metres distance will determine your existence.
34:21 | Critical need for testing as we need to know who has got this disease.
35:29 | Two main strategies that have been proved to work in Asia.
41:45 | Dr John Campbell explains why those strategies are also absolutely vital for the UK and USA.
45:11 | Can this virus mutate and if so, would one still be immune if you had the antibody from previous form.
48:03 | Dr John Campbell thinks world governments have been reactive rather than proactive.
50:57 | Is Donald Trump correct when he criticises China for not warning the world in November/December?
54:33 | Why there have been many cases and deaths in Italy and the infection growth curve is being mirrored in France, Germany Spain and the UK.
59:58 | What Dr John Campbell expects to see happening in the UK in the next few weeks.
1:01:21 | Is herd immunity feasible?
1:03:10 | Dr John Campbell’s opinion on the circulating theories surrounding motivation for vaccine development.
1:09:48 | Dr John Campbell predicts what the world will look like in remaining quarters of this year and into 2021.
1:14:05 | What terrifies Dr John Campbell.
1:16:01 | His hopes there is a positive prospect for development of an effective vaccine.
1:17:33 | World politicians will fall or rise on how they protected their citizens and balanced the economy.
1:25:33 | Overwhelmed medical institutions cancel routine operations and procedures.
1:26:41 | Obesity effect on outcome.
1:28:14 | Dr John Campbell advises how to optimize your health now.
1:30:10 | How long can infection last on surfaces, packaging, facial hair and mobile phones
1:33:17 | How long the over 70s should be in lock down.
1:35:34 | Dr John Campbell’s key advice to stay free of infection.
1:37:38 | Dr John Campbell’s advice for keeping mentally strong.
1:41:06 | Brian thanks Dr John Campbell for all the content he is putting out online and sums up.


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