Watch > Episode > David Icke - The Coronavirus Conspiracy: How COVID-19 Will Seize Your Rights & Destroy Our Economy

David Icke - The Coronavirus Conspiracy: How COVID-19 Will Seize Your Rights & Destroy Our Economy


An introduction to David Icke

“Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.”

Since his spiritual awakening in 1990, David enjoys a sizable global following, regularly speaking for up to 10 hours at venues such as Wembley Arena to audiences of thousands of people.

As well as public speaking, David is an acclaimed author having written over 21 books including The Robots’ Rebellion (1994), And The Truth Shall Set You Free (1995), The Biggest Secret (1999) and Children of the Matrix (2001), in which he developed his worldview of New Age thinking.

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With a mission to wake up society and free our minds from what governments and mainstream media are trying to make us do, his credentials make him one of the most influential thinkers and catalysts for change.

The episode they didn’t want you to see

We knew the world would be watching when David returned to the studio, but it seems some very powerful people indeed were also watching…

…and they didn’t like what they saw…

…and they didn’t want you to see it either!

In this interview which was reported heavily by the BBC and others and subsequently BANNED, David joined us to talk about the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, the worldwide COVID-19 LOCKDOWN, how governments have manipulated their citizens and the wider agenda behind social control and a Surveillance Society. 

We go deeper into the global crisis, the looming economic recession and the impact of 5G technology and the violation of our rights and freedom of speech.

While we don’t always agree with everything David says, London Real will defend his right to be able to say it. So with that in mind sit back and enjoy this incredible and informative episode with David Icke.

Join us as we discuss:

  • George Orwell, the U.S. First Amendment, and the RT-PCR test
  • Dr. Andrew Kaufman, 5G technology, and the COVID-19 hoax
  • The WHO, Eddie Large, and Lombardy air pollution
  • Wuhan reporting, Dr. Neil Ferguson, and Imperial College
  • Boris Johnson, the climate change scam, and Bill Gates
  • The Freemasons, global fascism and Trump
  • The Rockefeller family, Bill Gates and Elon Musk

Offering more than meets the eye on first glance, David Icke is a man with serious credentials and a challenging perspective on our species and planet.

See London Real host and founder Brian Rose’s interview with Alex Jones on Infowars discussing this controversially BANNED interview.

London Real Army

Our freedom of speech and basic human rights are being attacked on a magnitude we’ve never seen before in modern history.

The recent BANNING of our David Icke Interview by YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and the UK regulator Ofcom shows us that we as citizens no longer have the right to publicly express our independent opinions.

These are dark times indeed my friends. But I refuse to give up or give in.

As a newly deputised member of the London Real Army, I am asking you to help make public this important David Icke interview BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

This means uploading as many different video clips from the interview to ANY AND ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS possible.

Which is why we uploaded 22 separate video clips and thumbnail images. These have now been taken down by our storage provider, and so in the meantime, we’ve packaged up 19 of these clips which you can access here:  

Please download these immediately and upload these to any and all social media platforms. Link back to the full interview at and use the hashtag
#londonrealarmy so we can all watch the incredible work being done.



00:00 | Trailer.
00:59 | Brian’s introduction.
01:39 | Brian Rose states he does not always agree with David Icke’s views, but will defend the right for freedom of speech and freedom of the press which is being violated as they speak.
02:47 | David Icke’s evidence for there being no Covid-19, it’s non-existence and explanation of how the perception of a pandemic can be pulled off.
44:25 | Are the Doctors advising Donald Trump aware of the evidence David talks of or are they reacting as medical doctors and scientists?
51:01 | Why the effect of 5G on physical and psychological health has not been tested, why it’s roll-out continues during the lockdown and its connection to Covid-19.
1:09:55 | Is over reaction the reason for empty wards in hospitals? Why Ofcom has warned broadcasters against questioning 5G.
1:18:10 | David Icke’s views on the recent burning of 5G towers.
1:22:43 | Purpose of the nanotechnology microchips that will be in the Covid-19 vaccine and consequences of vaccination refusal. David Icke says we are at a pivotal point in history.
1:51:25 | The hunger games society is not possible whilst people have independent income and businesses and its link to the economic measures caused by Covid-19.
2:03:44 | What should people do?
2:09:20 | How David Icke feels about seeing the coming to fruition of 30 years of investigation and warning for the future.
2:11:55 | Does David Icke take hope in the millions who are now hearing his message?
2:15:16 | Why he feels more powerful than the cult he warns about.
2:20:49 | Ask yourself these questions.
2:22:33 | David Icke’s hope for humanity.
2:28:55 | Everyone should make up their own mind and do what they think right, and you will make a unique contribution.
2:29:46 | What is David Icke like?
2:30:38 | How to hear more from David Icke.
2:31:24 | Final thoughts from David Icke.
2:33:24 | Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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