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The Brian For Mayor London Boroughs Tour - Tower Hamlets


Tower Hamlets

After the success of our first tour event in Hackney, we hit the road once again last week to visit the borough of Tower Hamlets. It’s such a pleasure to finally get out there and speak to you about the problems, issues and challenges you are facing within your community.

I would also like to add that aside from meeting you and listening to what you have to say, this is an incredibly important process for myself. I want to truly understand what it is you need most from your Mayor.

Too little is being done in the communities that are the lifeblood of this great city. Problems are mounting and when you consider all that 2020 has brought us, we have to move quickly to prevent an even greater fallout.

Unlike our current Mayor of London, I intend to follow through on the promises I make and to ensure that I am of service to each and everyone one of you. We are living through extremely difficult times, but, I believe with the right leadership, and by working closely TOGETHER, we can make London a world-class city once again.

Since Sadiq Khan became Mayor:

  • Poverty has increased along with the cost of living
  • Violent crime has increased year on year
  • The Police Force has seen funding reduced by £110M
  • Housing needs have fallen woefully short of the 80,000 new homes a year promised


In Tower Hamlets, you asked me how I plan to get London moving again and people back to work? You raised your concerns about the education system and the need for greater support to our younger citizens. But, overall you expressed a desire for change and that gives me hope that together we can make a difference.

Please take some time out of your day to take a look at this critical episode and share the link with all like-minded and concerned citizens of this wonderful city.

I will be continuing my tour of the London Boroughs in the New Year. Do not worry I will be visiting each and every one of you, however, as we head into Tier 3 lockdown this week, our voyage will have to be put on hold, temporarily.

To keep informed of all updates you can head over to the Brian For Mayor website or keep across our social media updates on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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