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Teeka Tiwari - "Countdown Crypto" - How Embedded Codes In Cryptocurrency Predict Extraordinary Gains


Crypto & Wall Street Expert

Let me ask you a question: do you personally own cryptocurrency?

Yes or No?

Either way, by now you must know that crypto is an essential part of anyone’s portfolio.

Gone are the days when only computer geeks and Silk Road vendors used it.

Today, everybody knows that cryptocurrency will be the financial infrastructure of the future.

And a lot of people have made a ton of money investing in it.

In fact my good friend Teeka Tiwari, who was voted the #1 most trusted expert in cryptocurrency, has been giving London Realers big gains from his picks over the past two years.

But if you’re new here you might feel like everybody else has gotten rich from crypto…and that you missed the window.

If so, then you need to attend Teeka new FREE crypto event: The Crypto Catch-Up: Your Last Chance to Get the Life You Want.

It happens on Thursday, November 26th at 8 pm ET, and I have personally spoken with Teeka to arrange for London Real viewers to be able to attend this event completely free.

In a series of short videos and an exclusive broadcast, you’ll discover:

  • Why the window to strike it rich with crypto had closed
  • How a miracle discovery Teeka just made during the lockdown is giving you one last chance to hit it big with crypto
  • The name and ticker of his top pick
  • And more!


During the event, Teeka will introduce you to his miracle discovery: – a small group of cryptos with a “countdown clock” embedded in their code… telling you the exact day they’re poised to take off. And as a special bonus for registering, you’re now eligible to claim a brand-new report called: How to Earn Free Bitcoin.

It breaks down a whole series of ways you can get your hands on the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world — without paying a dime. So CLICK HERE to register now for this FREE LIVE training.

We only have limited spaces available so lock in your spot now.

One more thing!

On the LIVE event Teeka will also be giving away FOR FREE one of his crypto coins with the embedded “countdown clock” in its code.

This night could very well alter your financial future forever!

See you then!


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