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Teeka Tiwari - How CBD Becomes a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry


Teeka Tiwari is a former Wall Street trader turned cryptocurrency and cannabis industry expert. At age 16 he moved from London to New York City with just $150 in his pocket. Two years later he became the youngest employee at investment bank Lehman Brothers. He later went on to launch a successful hedge fund. Today he shows everyday investors how to grow their wealth safely through a range of financial newsletters.

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00:00 | Trailer
01:32 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:02 | Brian’s introduction
03:34 | Teeka on returning to his country of origin
05:05 | The Cannabis industry, it’s derivatives particularly CBD and its potential use for health issues
11:53 | The race issue behind the war on drugs in 1930’s America
15:13 | Teeka goes to Columbia after Farm Bill
19:09 | Teeka sees CBD as a bigger investment opportunity19:49 Potential for future monetisation of Cannabis plant,
21:05 | Possibility for production of synthetic CBD
23:03 | The various plant strains offering different combinations and strengths of CBD and THC
27:10 | Teeka thinks this is the most exciting drug development of recent years
29:05 | Link to information about the companies to invest in for CBD
29:32 | Teeka urges caution when considering investment in the developing weed business
38:16 | Why the information Teeka has, is not widely known
40:20 | Given an early chance at Lehman Brothers when it was brutal working on Wall Street
48:15 | The childhood that fuelled the flame to succeed
53:52 | How it is, that after such a life, he is a well-balanced, kind, jovial person, not angry and bitter
55:43 | Success secrets.
56:17 | Taking action, not sitting around thinking about things
57:53 | Good advice to young people trying to decide what job to do in their life
1:00:28 | Aged nineteen Teeka earned the equivalent to-day of over $1,000,000 and suddenly life was good
1:02:31 | From hero to zero
1:05:49 | Climbing back up and diversifying
1:09:59 | The current position of crypto currencies
1:14:37 | Why everyone should buy into Bitcoin and in time will
1:20:02 | Should people invest in stocks and shares
1:21:56 | Teeka’s gratitude and the value of giving back
1:28:14 | Teeka’s daily habits
1:30:27 | Worst and best days of his life
1:31:44 | What scares him
1:36:21 | What is Teeka’s superpower
1:37:12 | What keeps him awake at night
1:40:09 | Phone call to the 20 years old Teeka Tiwari
1:40:55 | Best advice he ever received
1:41:50 | Advice to the twenty years old listening, growing up in a different world
1:43:16 | Brian’s summing up.


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