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Watch > Episode > Steve Kirsch - "Misinformation Superspreader": The Covid-19 Vaccine Is The Most Dangerous Of All Time

Steve Kirsch - "Misinformation Superspreader": The Covid-19 Vaccine Is The Most Dangerous Of All Time


Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Vaccine Safety Advocate

“There is no confusion any longer: the vaccines are unsafe and have killed, on average, around 1 person per 1,000 doses.”

With the pervasive integration of digital technology into our lives, a myriad of issues have surfaced, ranging from the influence of social media to the emergence of artificial intelligence, all of which are reshaping the fabric of society. Particularly concerning is the diminishing presence of critical thinking and a reluctance to delve beyond the mainstream narrative.

In an age inundated with vast amounts of information we are losing the ability to analyse, evaluate and draw reasoned conclusions based on evidence and logic, while those that do face the wrath of the big tech censorship machine.

Rooted in the principles of liberty and autonomy, freedom of speech is essential for fostering open discourse, facilitating the exchange of ideas, and challenging prevailing norms and ideologies. It serves as a safeguard against tyranny and oppression, allowing individuals to hold those in power accountable, advocate for social change, and participate actively in democratic governance.

Today’s guest brings with him research and evidence surrounding one of the most divisive topics of our time. A topic that has become synonymous with censorship and cancellation, and the worrying influence of big tech.

Steve Kirsch, is a former computer scientist, pioneering technology entrepreneur and philanthropist, turned relentless advocate for vaccine safety. With a career spanning over three decades at the forefront of innovation, Steve’s journey from tech mogul to “misinformation superspreader” is about as sharp a u-turn as one could take.

In fact, as Steve himself explains, he went from 100% blue pilled to 100% red pilled in the space of just nine days. Ultimately though, despite the huge pushback, criticism and swathes of negative press, Steve’s journey is a testament to an unwavering commitment to truth, integrity, and public health.

Steve’s career began with groundbreaking innovations and entrepreneurial ventures that revolutionised the tech industry. As the inventor of an early version of the optical mouse and the founder of Infoseek, one of the first internet search engines, Steve’s contributions to technology have left an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

During his time in Silicon Valley, Steve founded eight high-tech companies with a combined market cap of over $2 billion, with the aforementioned Infoseek being sold to the Walt Disney Co in 1999, and Frame Technology Corp bought by Adobe. He was at the forefront of the technological landscape, a respected innovator and executive, who spent much of his own time focused on philanthropic work, particularly in the sphere of public health.

During the earliest days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Steve founded the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund. Investing $1 million of his own money and raising an additional $5 million from private sources, Steve spearheaded research into early treatments for the virus and looked at repurposed drugs as the quickest and most efficient way to end the pandemic.

However not long after being double jabbed himself, Steve encountered some worrying anecdotes from followers on social media, friends and colleagues. Steve began to compare the data he was hearing first hand with the prevailing assurances by the government and big pharma.

Driven by a desire to uncover the truth, an analytical brain and a nous for numbers, Steve set about conducting his own research. What he discovered turned his world upside down, leading him on a relentless quest for justice, and determination to uncover evidence and start a conversation that was severely lacking in the media.

Steve believes the Covid-19 vaccines might just be the most dangerous of all time and is determined to see mainstream debate and acknowledgement of the evidence from government officials. His efforts to speak out against vaccine mandates and censorship have earned him the title of the world’s top “misinformation superspreader” and with it the kind of reputational damage that is almost impossible to repair.

Steve estimates he has lost around 95% of his friends, and he has been censored on every major tech platform, banned from social media, had files deleted and withheld by major cloud storage companies and seen his name dragged through the mud in the press.

Undeterred, Steve has since founded the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, advocating for transparency, accountability, and informed consent in public health policies. Despite the vilification, Steve remains steadfast in his commitment to protecting public health and upholding the principles of freedom and democracy.

I’m looking forward to speaking with Steve, having seen over 10 years of my own work removed from YouTube for supposed misinformation breaches. Steve has uncovered and analysed a wealth of data and what he has found should make everyone sit up and take notice. At the very least, this needs to be discussed and debated at the highest levels of government.

Do not miss this huge episode, the information revealed in this conversation could have enormous consequences for everyone on the planet. Please share the link and let’s come together to ensure our right to free speech is no longer determined by the big tech overlords. The censorship we are seeing could change the very fabric of our society.

“I trusted the government, I trusted the CDC, I trusted the FDA. I got two shots of Moderna.”


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