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Watch > Episode > Brian Rose - Shocking Truths Unveiled At The Freedom Of Speech Symposium With Brian Rose & Mike Benz

Brian Rose - Shocking Truths Unveiled At The Freedom Of Speech Symposium With Brian Rose & Mike Benz


Today’s Premiere is the Free Speech Symposium, featuring myself and Mike Benz, Executive Director for the Foundation of Freedom Online. This event followed the US Premiere of our latest documentary, We Will Not Be Silenced, and is packed with compelling discussions on the state of free speech today.

In this symposium, we delve into the fragility of free speech and explore why it is under threat in our current society. Mike Benz and I discuss the significant policy shifts at YouTube, revealing how executives changed their policies to fit prevailing narratives. We trace the origins of censorship networks and uncover the connections between intelligence agencies like the CIA and tech giants’ content moderation departments.

One of the most eye-opening revelations is the historical background of Google, which started as a government project. We also discuss the “whole of society” model, a collaborative effort between government, private sector, civil society, and media to enforce censorship. Major media outlets like the BBC have played a significant role in this process, highlighting how censorship is often driven by business interests rather than ideology.

Mike Benz provides an insider’s perspective on his contributions to the Twitter Files, exposing censorship practices. We also touch on the suppression of critical films like Plandemic, and the practical steps we can take as citizens to combat censorship and protect free speech. The discussion includes an analysis of the commonly accepted societal framework that supports censorship, while also offering reasons to remain hopeful and resilient in this fight.

As Mike Benz aptly states, “Free speech is meaningless unless you allow people you don’t like to say things you don’t like, otherwise it’s irrelevant.” This video is an essential watch for anyone passionate about free speech and eager to understand the complexities of censorship in the digital age.

Download Clips

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  1. The Fragility of Free Speech
  2. How the YouTube executives changed their policies to fit the narrative
  3. The beginning of the censorship network systems
  4. How CIA infiltrated the Big Tech content and moderation department
  5. Google started as a government project
  6. The whole of society model
  7. BBC played a big role in censorship
  8. Censorship is not an ideological decision, but a business one
  9. Mike Benz’s part in the Twitter Files
  10. The Plandemic film is the hardest documentary to find
  11. What we can do as citizens to fight against censorship
  12. The commonly accepted framework
  13. Optimism for our future


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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