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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - My Fight Against Mandatory Vaccinations, Big Pharma, And Dr. Fauci


Nephew Of President John F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy Jr is the American environmental activist, attorney and author.

He is the Chairman of Children’s Health Defense whose mission is to end the epidemic of children’s chronic health conditions by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards so this never happens again.

Kennedy was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for his success helping Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. The group’s achievement helped spawn 300 Waterkeeper organizations across the globe.

His articles have appeared in nationally-known publications such as: The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Rolling Stone.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Kennedy has contradicted the mainstream media and are here today to discuss the global lockdown, vaccine development, the roles of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and more.

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1. Is The Vaccine Being Rushed?
2. The Vaccines Are Marketed Before Even Being Tested
3. Growing Up As A Kennedy
4. Who’s Pushing The Vaccine Agenda?
5. How Does A Man Like Bill Gates End Up Leading The WHO?
6. How Effective Will The Vaccine Be?
7. Will Vaccines Be Mandatory?
8. Historical Evidence Of Positive Vaccines
9. Should You Vaccinate Your Child?
10. Bill Gates Is Involved In 5G
11. What Is Anthony Fauci Hiding?
12. The Kennedy Compound
13. If RFK Were Still Alive
14. Investigating My Father’s Death


00:00 | Trailer
0:58 | Brian’s introduction.
2:43 | Brian and Robert talk about the COVID-19 vaccine
6:00 | Robert talks about mercury contamination in vaccines
9:40 | Why vaccines are unsafe
12:38 | The dangers of the DTP vaccine
15:15 | The year chronic childhood diseases became an epidemic
19:13 | Brian talks about the lack of liability with pharmaceutical companies making vaccines
20:49 | How the CDC has a conflict of interest by nature because they sell and produce vaccinations
21:35 | Robert talks about how Bill Gates is the biggest vaccine producer in the world
27:00 | Robert talks about being banned from traditional media outlets
40:44 | Bill Gates and the control he has over WHO
43:00 | Anthony Fauci’s history of lying
46:00 | Robert talks about chronic fatigue syndrome
51:48 | Robert talks about the film Spotlight
53:22 | The definition of fascism
1:00:00 | The lack of testing for possible COVID-19 vaccinations
1:06:09 | John F. Kennedy and the Polio vaccine
1:17:00 | 5G and harvesting human data and surveillance
1:31:45 | What it was like growing up on the Kennedy Compound
1:33:00 | The history of the Kennedy family
1:36:00 | The key to happiness lies in being of service to others
1:40:44 | How the Kennedy family deals with death
1:42:00 | If Bobby Kennedy was elected president
1:48:30 | The CIA’s involvement in JFK and RFK’s death
1:51:23 | The details around his father’s assassination
2:03:08 | Brian and Robert sum up their conversation


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