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I hope you are sitting comfortably, because today’s new episode of London Real is the long awaited return of one of our most popular guests on the show ‚Äì Peter Sage. Two years ago Peter and I had a tremendous, enlightening and inspiring couple of hours in the studio together. He had such an impact on London Real, and has brought many new fans to our show. I meet a lot of you guys in the street, and Peter’s name is a common point of discussion. During the focus groups and meet-ups for London Real Academy the name of Peter Sage is often mentioned, whether it’s someone’s favourite guest, or because it’s a discussion about success and reframing life’s challenges. During this episode you are going to find out a lot more about the man Peter Sage, as well as getting more of his wisdom. I start by delving into his childhood a bit. Coming from a council estate in Leicester, from a poor but authentic family, Peter is very much a self-made man. He has had his challenges, and we talk a lot about how he spent much of his late teens and twenties caught up in achievement, the state he calls ‘By Me’. In fact, we revisit the framework of consciousness Peter outlined for us in the first episode, on how we can go from ‘To Me’ to ‘By Me’ into ‘Through Me’ and eventually hit ‘As Me. ‘I take Peter back to where we left off, and we discuss the exact ways in which we can make the shift up from each level of consciousness. This is Peter at his best. One thing that really strikes you about Peter is the efficiency of his way of looking at the world. He’s got so so much wisdom, but his main concern is making it understandable, and ultimately practical. So a lot of our conversation in this episode comes down to how we can make those shifts from victimhood, to action, and into sharing our gift for the greatest benefit possible. I won’t give it away here, but there are key methods ‚Äì simple questions that Peter asks us ‚Äì that create the lightbulb moments needed to lift up our frequencies. It’s all about how we choose to attribute meaning, how we frame reality. In this fantastic conversation Peter gives us real and actionable steps to help us apply his wisdom to our lives. So yes, we talk more about GOOP and how to not care about what others think. We talk about the four levels of consciousness that help us reframe our perceptions of life. And we talk about how dangerous victimhood thinking is. In this episode, however, Peter traces more of his own journey, and that really helps to illustrate how we can create the shift up from low-level consciousness. I also took the opportunity to ask him about Dan Peña! As you may remember the first time my beloved mentor’s name was mentioned on London Real was during Peter’s first interview. So it was great to find out what Peter, another former mentee of Dan’s, really thinks of the force of nature that is The Fifty Billion Dollar Man. Peter has this way with words, and it’s uncanny. He can summarise heavy spiritual truths in short, sharp phrases that just kick your mind awake. I have learned so much from Peter, and I think this conversation has made me think even more about what London Real Academy is all about. You’re going to love this show! If I can give you one piece of advice, though, it’s have a pen and paper to hand. Peter makes every moment in this interview count, and delivers value with each answer. Be prepared! How the 1st interview impacted so many people. Meditation room – To a mind that is still the entire universe surrenders. What was young Peter Sage like? If I know how to achieve, why am I still not happy? Significance. Being OK with someone else having a different model of the world. Your mother was perfectly normal being an alcoholic dealing with her world. She is being honest about that. You are being dishonest that she is your problem. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with. Anxiety is the emotion of growth providing it is not resisted. Chessboard. It’s the dark squares on the chessboard that shape the essence of us. The defining characteristic is defined by the shape of your BUT. Choosing your reaction. Every single emotion unresisted ends up in joy. Stop making excuses for apologizing. Emotion of hate. Nobody can control your emotions without your permission. Separating what somebody did and what they didn’t do and seeing it as their limitation. When was the last time Peter Sage was anxious or angry? If you are anxious don’t make it about you. I surrender way before it builds up. The 4 levels of consciousness. To me, By me, As me, Through me. To me – victim mentality, reacting to the outer world. If something is important enough it will find me. The mind attracts that which it dwells upon on. The thoughts we think creates the reality. By me. I don’t like the outer world and I force it to fit me. Your history is not your destiny, your past is not your biography. Most people don’t care about you to even bother to give an opinion. GOOOP – the good opinion of other people. The Law of Growth and The Law of Contribution. Surrender to the wisdom of the current of the river. As me. Unity consciousness. Illusion of separateness is taken away. Glimpses of As me when we share nature with people. Addiction to certainty is usually the thing that stops us from getting there. Dan Peña. Not everybody is born an entrepreneur. His style is very much what a lot of people need for where they are. If you are looking for a mentor go with someone you like. Go with someone who’s been to where you want to go. You are all fucking poor. I rather work less hours, earn less money but with more fulfillment. You can now watch London Real live streaming 247 on Youtube. The Dan Peña episode. He believes in you more than you believe in yourself and will continue to believe in you until you do. I will call people on their shit. Because I’m not driven by the GOOOP. Unless you can give from your overflow, you can’t really help anybody. Peter Sage. I asked myself if I’m lucky enough to be living in a time in human history where I can choose where I want to live, where would it be? We just closed the chapter of our middle east side of our live. Thea. When your values are clear, your decisions are easy. I’m a sunshine guy. We are not decided, but the world is available. I just got a couple of Jack Russells. I missed dialing in and helping other. Majority of speakers come from a place of how do I get the audience to like me. The mind can only give information it already knows in different combinations. True inspiration usually comes from a deeper place. Ultimately you already are that what you seek. The 3 day Millionaire Business School – people get transformation not information. Chasing skills in order to get certainty. You can never catch the rabbit of fulfillment by running on the track of achievement. Identity shift. I am a ‚ . Question the labels. I’m not Peter Sage. I’m the expression of life known as Peter Sage. Get comfortable with I am FULLSTOP. You can only believe it when you don’t need it. You cannot love that what you need. Unconditional love is unconditional love. I should have absolutely no right for any levels of expectations. Jealousy – what gives you the right of who should and shouldn’t love you? If your needs becomes my needs. It the right thing to do. I don’t need a label. Now I’m free to choose. It’s important to differentiate strategy from mind set. MBS – learn how to be resourceful, level 3 customer service, manage in relation to time. Most business are tactical not strategic. Hire on resume and fire on personality. If you look at greyhounds they are all happy because they all ran. Entrepreneurs are happy because they set up a business. Success secret. What I love about the feminine is that it will never fit your picture. The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida The relationship will never be done, tick, complete. When you die your inbox will not be empty, stop try to complete anything. The strongest trees grows in the strongest winds. The purpose of life is not to be happy, the purpose of life is to be authentic. What the next 5 years is going to look like. The game becomes an expression of who I am to give myself to the world. Peter Sage obituary – how does it read? Your destination is not going to be physical. Thank you. Connect with Peter Sagehttps://petersage. com/Watch Peter’s 1st appearance on London Real.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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